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Wine Searcher - Seeing What You Gain But Not What You Lose.
Monday, 10th July, 2017  - David Farmer

Have you heard of Wine Searcher? It's a subscription, price searching site which tells you the retail price of any wine from anywhere. If you are enquiring say from New York it will provide a list of shops that have the wine, starting with the cheapest - at least I think this part is right as I am not a subscriber.

Wine Searcher have 5 million searches per month mostly I imagine from consumers. On the other side of the fence I know of one small New York store that wanting to be part of this pays $6500 each year to have its inventory listed. I suppose they believe it is too risky not to be listed and miss out on potential sales.

For a fine wine enthusiast it makes sense as with this subscription you can check out the price of any wine compared to other wine stores (as long as they are paying to be part of Wine Searcher).

Taking a quick peek when shopping might provide comfort and help you answer, is this $185 bottle of Barolo, a good deal or not? If you spend a lot on wine perhaps it's not much to pay; about $60 a year.

However I would not risk questioning prices in a restaurant as you risk being hit on the head with a double magnum; you have been warned.

Dan Murphy of course has been pushing a non-electronic version of this for decades; the business was built on the simple slogan 'nobody beats Dans'.

Which brings u to Glug as Wine Searcher is not interested in us. With the exception of some wines in a few stores, which will cost you more, we only sell directly to our customers.

The point? Well buying power has shifted to consumers and this is spreading much further than a search engine that looks at prices.

What we do at Glug is of course an example. Wine buyers now have options which did not exist ten years ago and I suspect your own search for the best value will grow and be both enjoyable and profitable.

However using Wine Searcher will not help as it can search all day and will find nothing that compares with our Goat Square Barossa or Burgoyne Barossa Shiraz for under $10. Not today and not in ten years.

I often say about changes, particularly to those about cost savings in business; 'you can measure what you gain but never what you lose.'

The really, really, amazing wines worth having, almost at any cost, are limited and all Wine Searcher will do is make sure every wine shop charges what all the other stores are charging. Because at last they also have a tool which did not exist, an easy system to check on competitors.

And the big question for you on the street is not searching for answers from say Halliday or Jancis Robinson plus the best price, as the wines you likely buy are under their radar, and this being so what is your best direction?

Not Water Into Wine But Gold

Monday, 15th August, 2017

Wine Searcher - Seeing What You Gain But Not What You Lose.

Monday, 10th July, 2017

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