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Great Rieslings from the 2012 Vintage
Wednesday, 24th April, 2013  - David Farmer

The thought expressed a number of times in the regular 'what to buy' emails stating that the 2012 South Australian rieslings are exceptional is gaining support. No less an authority than the Sydney Morning Herald wine writer for the past 20 years, Huon Hooke says this;

"Perhaps I'm lucky enough to taste the cream, because, of the 182 samples my database shows I've tasted so far, I rated 24 gold medal or above, and 44 silver-medal quality. And another 29 high bronze medal (88/100 to 89/100 points). That's 97 wines on high bronze and above."

And what does Huon recommend; well for under $20 he presents a list of 15 wines. These have been given scores from 90/100 to 95/100 with the cheapest being the D'Arenberg Dry Dam McLaren Vale for $15 with a score of 92/100.

Glug has for sale two rieslings from this great vintage which perhaps point in the 88/100 to 90/100 range. Ben and I prefer not to score wines believing that's the job of our customers as after all we are involved in making them and hardly pass the test of the innocent bystander. Our prices though are under $10*, so how can you lose?

Both wines are recommended and they are:

Mount Eagle Eden Valley Riesling 2012
Donnybrook Clare Valley (Watervale) Riesling 2012

* We will hold the under $10 price for 10 days so please stock up.

Not Water Into Wine But Gold

Monday, 15th August, 2017

Wine Searcher - Seeing What You Gain But Not What You Lose.

Monday, 10th July, 2017

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