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Do Great Wines Exist for Less Than $10?
Friday, 10th April, 2013  - David Farmer

You can find great wines for less than $10 and it is the job of a wine merchant to scour the countryside looking for such bargains. If there is one thing I have done well over 35 years it is making discovery after discovery of great wines at prices under $10.00. Yet few wine writers even mention or review wines that sell for under $10. For them real wines start at well over $10 and more likely over $20.

Here is a recent James Halliday mailing, 13th March, 2013 for his Wine Companion subscribers.

"While most of those who receive this newsletter would not normally (or ever?) buy a wine with a price of less than $10, there are occasions when knowledge of some of the best can be useful. Gifts to relatives (if they don’t know better), beach barbecues, fishing trips and the like are obvious purchase circumstances. But it’s also surprising how many times I am asked for advice on what wine to buy, only to find that the person asking the question thinks $15 is expensive, and $10 reasonable".

Halliday does go on to mention that there are some great choices under $10 from the 'Riverina and Riverland areas' particularly from the 2012 vintage.

I have also been a fan for decades of Huon Hooke who writes in the Sydney Morning Herald but during this time I could count on one hand the number of wines recommended under $10.

Which brings me back to Glug as currently we offer 35 wines priced under $10, all of which I recommend and I have no doubt I rank equally with the Halliday's and Hooke's in the business of advising consumers what they should drink and what a wine is worth. Plus only three of these 35 wines have a significant Riverland content with the rest being from premium vineyard districts with a few being single vineyard wines.

Quite frankly Glug is a great place to shop.

Not Water Into Wine But Gold

Monday, 15th August, 2017

Wine Searcher - Seeing What You Gain But Not What You Lose.

Monday, 10th July, 2017

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