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Big Beaujolais Big Alcohol
Attributed to: Waugh, Harry Beaujolais Country
Source: The Compleat Imbiber No 6, 1963 (Vista Books, London)
Contributed by: Anon

"I have a few, alas only a few, bottles of Julienas 1947 and 1949 left, and these are quite outstanding. They are enormously full, rich wines with a high degree of alcohol. When my particular 1947 Julienas was being made the vats became so overheated during the fermentation that water had to be poured in to cool the fermentation down, and even then the wine had an alcoholic content of 17 degrees instead of the normal 11 or 12, and is fabulous-proof indeed, as it turned out, of the Beaujolais belief that in the great vintages the wines can be so fine that, with bottle age they can be compared with many of the masterpieces of the Cote d'Or.
"As my 1947 Julienas was so remarkable, I tried an experiment; I invited some really discerning friends in the wine trade to two luncheon parties. I told them they would be drinking two great burgundies 'blind' and would say which they preferred. The wines were my Julienas 1947 and the Romanee Conti of 1937 made from pre-phylloxera grapes. At the first luncheon of six people the voting was three all and at the second, four to two in favour of the Julienas! This extraordinary wine astonished everyone, as it still astonishes me."


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