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The Taste is all in the Glass
Attributed to: Sainstbury, George
Source: Notes on a Cellar Book, George Saintsbury. First published in July, 1920
Contributed by: Anon

Showing he was a man ahead of his time here Saintsbury discusses the merits of the right glass for wine. Perhaps Riedel should have a range with coloured stems.

"I tried it with various glasses, for it is quite wonderful what whimsies wine has as to the receptacles in which it likes to be drunk. The large, slightly pinched-in 'dock glass', half filled, suited it as indeed it does almost any wine. But whether it was mere whimsy on my own part or not, I always thought it went best in some that I got in the early seventies from Salviati's, before they became given to gaudiness and rococo. They were glasses of about the ordinary claret size, but flat-bottomed, with a white but rather cloudy body, an avanturine edge (very light) and deep blue knobs, small and sparsely set, in one row below it. They were good for all the great French red wines, but better for Burgundy than for Claret, and better for Hermitage or Cote Rotie than for Burgundy."


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