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'And here are the critics'
Attributed to: Young, B.A.
Source: 'and here are the critics' as published in The Compleat Imbiber 9, Edited by Cyril Ray, Collins, London, 1967
Contributed by: Anon

This is an extract from a short satirical essay. The critics are discussing a Chateau Rougon Macquart 1961. They have already talked about the wine, other vintages of the wine and what they ate with it on those occasions. The bottle shape and label have been reviewed and the chairman asks for further comments.

"Yes, well, we mustn't diverge too far. Anyone got any other points to raise about the 1961 Rougon Macquart? Roland Postbox, you look as if you wanted to say something.

I don't know if it's really important, but I would like just to say a word for the cork. I enjoyed the cork most tremendously. At the beginning of the evening it filled the mouth of the bottle with a fine sense of exact placing. I couldn't find a gap in it anywhere. And then later on it came out in a truly remarkable way.

I enjoyed the cork, too. It's enormously effective, isn't it, the way the underside takes on that red flush while the top stays a kind of rich nut-brown.


Yes, I suppose that's it. But it's tremendously effective, don't you agree?

Very effective, certainly. Cecil Rye, any points you want to raise before we pass on to our next subject?

Yes, there are one or two small points. It's all very well going to town about the cork and the label and the rest of it, but I think everybody's overlooking some of the rather more important things. As I made clear earlier on, this is a six-growth claret from the St.Marliac district that is strikingly mature for its age, with a charming rust-red colour and a full, elegant flavour with, I thought, an interesting after-taste of sarsaparilla...

Ipecacuanha, surely."


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