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When Nothing but the Best Will Do
Attributed to: Saintsbury, George
Source: Notes on a Cellar Book, George Saintsbury, Reissued 1978, Macmillan. The first edition was in July, 1920 and it had many later reprintings.
Contributed by: Anon

"One of my fatherís sisters was a very old lady, who lived by herself in a remote part of the country on no large income, and (as the phrase goes) in a very quiet way. Having some trouble with her eyes, she came up to town to consult an oculist, and naturally stayed with me. The oculist, finding nothing organically wrong, but only a certain weakness of age and constitution, recommended her to drink Burgundy. I gave her on successive days some of the Richebourg, telling her frankly that it was a very expensive wine, and some of a sound Pommard, which could be had for between half and a third of the price, that she might choose and order some from the merchant, who, as it happened, supplied both. I had imagined that the first figure would either frighten or shock her; but she said with perfect simplicity, 'I think, my dear boy, the best always is the best' and ordered a small supply of the Richebourg forthwith."


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