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To Be French Is Not Enough
Attributed to: Robinson, Jancis
Source: "An English defense of the New World" published by the San Francisco Examiner
Contributed by: Anon

"I am concerned about the prevailing myth about French wine producers being much more pure, noble and artisanal than their New World counterparts not just because it is inaccurate. As one who loves French wine, I am worried that this sort of inaccuracy will encourage the average mediocre vigneron (grape grower/winemaker) in France to believe there is no need to make any effort to improve the quality of what he or she produces. It is enough, according to this myth, simply to be French. France already has a huge surplus of wine. If they all start listening to this siren song, the French will find themselves even further behind in the global race to find customers than they are already.


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