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Would it Happen with Wine?
Attributed to: ???, Max
Source: Read by Executive producer of the ABC's 'Bush Telegraph', Margot Foster
Contributed by: Anon

An anecdote from UK Posh Catering trade.

"As a cheap substitute for smoked salmon he reckoned that thinly sliced raw kipper, which is smoked herring, was unbeatable and virtually unnoticable among guests once the first few sips of champagne had been taken. I witnessed him serving kipper as a salmon substitute to a duo of food writers, one from the london times, and one from the guardian. Both did their eye rolling act, cheeks sucked in and gave their verdict.

The Times - "Ahhhh, this is undoubtedly an east coast scotch salmon, Aberdeen way, possibly from the Don or the Dee."

The Guardian - "No, I'd say this is Irish. The heavier peaty taste gives it away. From around Lough Swilly I'd say."

So there you go. Fresh kipper from wee Jock McGillachry on Lough Long smoked that very morning at 5 bob a brace.




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