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One Normal Day
The Fashionista - Valley Thrift Part 2
Friday, 28th July, 2006  - Alice Normal


Gawler Book Exchange - Well, the day I went to the Gawler Book Exchange, I was desperate to get my hands on anything that wasn't a three day old Australian or a Women's Weekly. Unfortunately, if this ever happens to you, I would advise against the G.B.X. There sure are a lot of books in there, which is what I guess led to my initial surprise when I noticed the shop assistant watching her own T.V.

But after several minutes attempting to find the section that wasn't romance, everything started to slide into place! These books do not seem to be organised alphabetically, but by cover picture!

I did finally manage to find an author I was interested in reading, in the Horror section, the book surprisingly was "The Complete Works of Shakespeare." - Horrible! Frustrated and thinking I might pick up a biography of Liz Taylor for a song, I headed for biographies.

These prices are not cheap, Liz was 12 Bucks! Please. Although amusingly to my left was the "teenage" section which not only contained such classics as the 'Softmore Series' but also Joseph Conrad and Shakespeare appeared again.

I mustn't forget to mention the copy of "Peyton Place" I found in sports, right next to Max Walker in fact. My resulting purchases were two pocket size books, of which there was a variety, one called "Instant Etiquette" which is full of handy pocket sized advice for a girl like me.

The other "Yoga for weight loss" which I must admit I only bought because the lady on the front looked like Samantha from Bewitched's mother and was wearing fishnets for the yoga work out. How could I resist?

Throughout this upsetting experience the shop assistant did not even look away from the T.V. once not even for an ad break or to serve dear ol' me. Give it a miss, unless you are really bored, or a Librarian!

Animal Protection Society - To be fair I was not in this store long enough, I browsed briefly within the clothing department where there was no great finds, sadly a lot of 80's department store fare. But upon entering the bric-a-brac, located on the upper level, my senses were overwhelmed! Where to begin?

The books were your standard small town fair of romance and horror, but if you look hard you too might find Erica Jung in Sci-Fi. There was an array of records, from Elvis to Liberace. Embroidery and macramé aplenty and so many kitsch nic-nacs I could cry!

I approached the counter with "Let's Learn Russian" - a practical Scandinavian phrasebook from the 1950's, which included such useful phrases as "Please take this to be dry cleaned" and "I like my hair parted to the left" in Danish, Norse and Swedish, on top of this I had found a pair of salt and peppershakers, in the shape of baby deer. Who could live with out these? Well, I had been living without these!

But by this time I only had $2 cash in the purse, (unfortunately this charity doesn't take Visa) whilst offering to wander to the ATM, which was two blocks in pouring rain, the charming cashier discounted me 50c in Christmas spirit! What a sweetpea!

As far as I can see this store is the only reason to go to Gawler.


Behind the Bank - This shop has average stock. Nothing flash and no hidden treasures, but some decent clothes for polyester lovers, priced reasonably between $2 and $3.

Sadly the trinkets were few and far between. There were some delightful shoes for those with a minute foot, and surprisingly a couple of charming 60's handbags. Generally, clothes and trinkets are clean and well displayed.

Initially the shop was filled with some terrifying characters, after they left I shopped unharrased. Staff seemed happy and busy, or rather it took them a long time to do anything, which kept them busy, and perhaps happy. The matronly lady behind the counter happily helped me find the light switch for the fitting room where I tried on a few pieces, some homemade and hand knitted treasures, I eventually settled on a red seventies dress (think Marc Jacobs Winter 2004), tres chic.

Upon my purchase I was treated with a synopsis of my new friend the counter lady's year, who incidently I would like to say happy birthday to and congraltulate on the upcoming birth of her first great grandchild, we all have our fingerscrossed for a girl.

The Junk Shop - Well realistically I have not spent a great deal of time within this shop. The prices were unreasonably high for goods that were not displayed well (hidden in piles) and quite unclean. I am told they will bargain, but who can be bothered when the overall risk to ones health seems so great. I would not even enter.


Junk Shop - This was a junk shop by no means! A lovely man who appeared to have Parkinson's disease and perhaps a trace of an Northern English accent, was all too happy to assist, of course I would never ask him to leave his chair, my final purchase was a well priced old perfume bottle in the shape of an Alsatian (Deutscher Schaferhund).

But I was tempted by his wide variety of battery operated robots and terrifying rabbit night lights from the 70's. The prices varied from cheap to fair, be prepared to bargain. There is plenty of treasure awaiting you within this shop, be prepared to look and get your hands dirty. Because of risk of injury and infection, this store lost marks.

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