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One Normal Day
The Fashionista - Valley Thrift Part 1
Saturday, 22nd July, 2006  - Alice Normal


RSPCA - It's a bit hit and miss here I feel. The first time I went to this store, the lovely ladies engaged me for far too long in a conversation about dogs, and the man from the RSPCA, and the cats that sleep in their beds now that their husband have gone somewhere. The clothes aren't too flashy, but there are plenty of trinkets and shoes and handbags to make up for that. I left with a porcelain mouse, a lovely 50's clutch and two toilet roll dolls. I nearly took home a faux ivory elephant tusk broach but was outraged by the price of $2 and the fact that the shop assistant tried to convince me it was real Ivory... Hello! You are the RSPCA??!

Arcade - Whilst I was in the change room I heard the shop assistants discussing 'out-of-towners' and how they will pay more for second hand. These ladies are not all that friendly if you are not local, but they're happy to take your money. But that aside they really aren't taking all that much. $10 for a pure wool houndstooth tailored three piece suit? That sounds all right to me. I found a cute 70's patchwork in the section for pet blankets. And a sailor's dress that fit like a glove. But, like the RSPCA, at times this one could be a bit hit and miss, oh and don't let on that you are from out of town.

Supermarket - I have been in here a few times and never really found all that much, I found a porky pie hat for 50c, but whatever. Emotionally the risk is too great, if time's a factor, skip over it.


Grandma's Attic - Whenever I am in Angaston this place is closed! Finally, I took note of the opening times, evidently so did the employees and I got to see inside.

There are plenty of shoes, mostly Go-go boots to my delight, although having large calves none of these were for me. There is plenty of everything really which, believe it or not, is the problem. There is too much! It could lead a delicate soul to a panic attack, and those less delicate will at least have sore arms. There are so many treasures you cannot move them on the racks to get a glimpse let alone try them on! If you can get an item off the rack, your next challenge will be to get into the change room, which is filled with more treasure, and that other stuff that is not treasure. Trying them on is not easy, one simply cannot move to get anything on, and if you are a fan of privacy, well, take a tape measure.

But the store is filled with hats, dresses, suits and coats from all eras. I tried a million things on. The best was a dress covered in gold sequins, ala Dianna Ross, but it was too small or maybe it was just the fitting room? There are rare and beautiful things in there that I know would sell for a fortune in one of those exclusive vintage shops in the city - that is if you don't mind a little rat piss. Nothing seems to be more than $30, most of it being below the $10 mark. There are plenty of dress-ups, mostly from deceased estates I guess, all of the clothes that I liked seemed to be in one size, which wasn't mine.

In the end I settled on an early 60's mod dress and a beautiful 70's red hat, in perfect condition. The shop assistant did try to lure me into the extensive early 90's collection and then towards the Janis Joplin section, but I stuck to my guns and emerged happy, and dressed more like Marianne Faithful.

If you are prepared to look and work hard you will find treasure! Perhaps gold, but you have been warned!

Oars Bargain Clothing 50c - I just love this place, I don't know why. Maybe the dust gets to my head. Everything is 50c, except some things that, for some i don't know reason, are 20c and then there is a rack of really ugly clothes that are $2. But your gems are all 50c, and 20c if you are lucky. Again be prepared to look hard and get dirty.

Like all things in Angaston, Oars is not open when you are there, certainly not after 3.30pm! If you get in you might find one or two breath-taking numbers. I don't know if it was worth the petrol but I went there 3 times until it was open, but I had time to kill and when it was open I purchased for $1.40: a sixties bikini, a brown woollen 50's dress, ohh and some other stuff! And last time I was there, I had a complete haul for like $2!

The shop is rustic, to be polite, and you will definitely have to look, but at these prices what do you expect? Your patience will be rewarded! Make sure you have had your shots though.

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