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One Normal Day
Friday, 19th May, 2006  - Alice Normal

I am relatively new to the world of men's fashion but recently I have had a few men to shop for. Aside from my father, who is partial to matching tracksuit tops and bottoms, I want to be seen with a well dressed man. So what do I think a well dressed man should wear?

Accessories are an eternal indicator of a gentleman's demeanour and decorum. For example cufflinks add subtle and immeasurable style to any outfit…perhaps one does not have the shirt that would require a cufflink, but in all situations I think it would be appropriate to carry them, along with a good umbrella. A finely cuffed shirt, closed with a tasteful link is always the dessert on a well groomed man. A signature of manners is a gentlemen who takes the time with his appearance, an idea that seems to so often be forgotten by the present generation. Perhaps you might say, that is why I currently find myself all alone...and I might to agree.

The finishing touches are those that indicate the future one must concur. And that must be a constant incentive for all young lads to improve and all ladies to expect more than a smelly t-shirt and those $20 pairs of thongs. Do they think we are stupid?

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