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VinExpo Review
Friday, 30th May, 2014 - Alice Normal

This week I found myself at the VinExpo biennale in Hong Kong. I hate these things – because I hate to talk to people about wine. However, I quite like drinking wine and to see what everyone is up to. I'm not sure whether attendance figures were up or down on previous years... I don't imagine we will ever know since the French were organising it. more...

In The Steps of Darwin
Thursday, 22nd January, 2009 - Alice Normal

If I am honest, I've never given much thought to evolution... I mean I really like dinosaurs, but I am not sure where they fit in evolution wise. Whatever, one thing I do know is I like taxidermy. more...

the Guillemots
Wednesday, 27th September, 2006 - Alice Normal

I don't know if you guys know this, but the band of the past five minutes in London has been the Guillemots. They are nominees for the Mercury prize so just mention their name and someone will bowl you over trying to get there first. more...

It's All Mao's Doing
Friday, 15th September, 2006 - Alice Normal

I had a glass of Chinese wine and a glass of Thai wine here at work, the tasting notes for the thai wine described it as having a watermelon bouquet, although rabbit hutch was the overwelming aroma for me tasted like a glass of mekong delta ...absolutely delightful. more...

Oh Woe is Moi
Wednesday, 13th September, 2006 - Alice Normal

The past few months have been of trouble and turmoil for moi. I have been tres stressed and in the wars, just incase you were wondering. more...

The Fashionista - Valley Thrift Part 2
Friday, 28th July, 2006 - Alice Normal

Alice Normal visits Gawler, Nuriootpa and Eudunda to round out her tour of the opportunity shops of the Barossa and surrounds. more...

The Fashionista - Valley Thrift Part 1
Saturday, 22nd July, 2006 - Alice Normal

Some time ago, Alice Normal graced the Barossa Valley with her presence. Here she tours the opportunity shops of the Barossa and surrounds in a search for "treasure". more...

What Does One Wear With Leopard Print Shoes?
Tuesday, 4th July, 2006 - Alice Normal

I have been coveting a pair of leopard print stilettos for months, maybe years, maybe they're all I've ever wanted. I have finally found my ideal pair in a small shop in Canberra. I baulked at buying them instantly, hesitating at the thought of the many women I have seen wearing this manner of footwear, but not really wearing them at all. more...

Basque Sheep's Cheese Wins The World Title
Monday, 26th June, 2006 - Alice Normal

The overall winner at the grandiose and mildly humorously titled World Cheese Awards (held at the Taste of London, Regents Park 14 - 18 June) was a French sheep's cheese, produced in the Basque region. Of 1542 cheeses, the Agour Fromagerie's cheese made from the milk of ewes walked away with the title of World Champion Cheese, well it probably didn't walk. more...

The Fashionista
Friday, 16th June, 2006 - Alice Normal

I am not really sure what to wear to a fashion party…all my friends are fashion people and dare I say it so am I. This is why it's impossible for me to think of anything to wear. Because I tend to look at others and make snide remarks to friends or myself when no one can hear. The outfit needs to be the correct balance between "blah di blah, oh I just dropped in on my way somewhere more interesting" and "How 'bout this for spring/summer 08, ladies!? Cha Cha Cha". You know what I mean? more...

Wednesday, 7th June, 2006 - Alice Normal


There is a guy Pete on Big Brother here, and I don’t have time to watch big brother or anything, because I am too busy going to parties and such. I did end up watching some the other day, to my benefit it turns out. Now this guy Pete has tourettes, and he is super lovely and it makes you wish more people had tourettes because he is so lovely. more...

Pret-a-Portea at the Berkeley, Knightsbridge
Monday, 5th June, 2006 - Alice Normal

My lovely friend Hillary from NY was in town for a few short days, and as a treat I took her to afternoon tea at the Berkeley Hotel. It is pronounced tha Barkley by the way just so no one confuses it with the university, OK. Don’t mispronounce it or people will look at you in silence for like, 20 seconds and then say "Oh, tha Barkley." more...

Friday, 19th May, 2006 - Alice Normal

I am relatively new to the world of men's fashion but recently I have had a few men to shop for. Aside from my father, who is partial to matching tracksuit tops and bottoms, I want to be seen with a well dressed man. So what do I think a well dressed man should wear? more...

"What's up in London this week?"
Friday, 19th May, 2006 - Alice Normal

Well I wouldn't know, because I have decided not to go up this weekend due to the amazingly horrific weather. It is blowing a gale and I'm pulling out the winter clothes I put away last week, convinced summer had arrived. It has not arrived and most likely never will. more...

Friday, 19th May, 2006 - Alice Normal

There is a bowling alley underneath the Tavistock Hotel, I think that's what the hotel is called.. it's in Tavistock square, you get the tube to Warren Street, if you dare. We went there on the weekend from Jo's house, which is in Whitechapel. The Hammersmith and City line was out so we had to get the district line to Bank then change to the Central line and then change at Holborn again to the Picadilly line, so we were 30 minutes late. more...

Las Vegas... I'm Comin' Home
Friday, 12th May, 2006 - Alice Normal

I have never had the desire to go to Las Vegas. In fact it is the last place I would have ever thought of going. Let alone falling in love with. more...

A Giant Elephant and a Nine Metre Little Boy
Friday, 5th May, 2006 - Alice Normal

Last weekend, I was on the phone making a coffee date with a friend when he asked me if I had seen the elephant yet?

"What elephant?" I ask. more...

A regular update of wines we've found interesting and a few we'd rather forget more...

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