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Wine Prices and Ref. Prices on Glug

Wine quality and wine prices are not tightly linked. Wines made in very large volumes cannot be as good as hand-made wines as these cost a lot more to make. The extra you pay for this quality is as long as a piece of string. Between these poles is a wide 'grey' zone where anything goes and the price may or may not reflect the quality.

Glug sits outside the traditional business of wine maker to retailer and this offers immense savings on wines of similar quality though for customers it further complicates what a price can mean.

Here are six points which will help explain how we address these difficulties:

1. Glug wines show a WAS price or a Ref. price (Reference) which is a notional price we set to indicate what a wine of similar quality is likely to cost in a liquor store.

2. We feel it is important to emphasise the WAS or Ref price as many studies show that consumers relate price to quality.

3. Glug wine are compared against other maker's wines and this knowledge is used to set the WAS or Ref. price.

4. David Farmer has been retailing wine since 1975 and this long experience is also used to estimate the WAS or Ref. price.

5. Glug makes, blends and bottles 98% of the wines we sell from the Barossa Valley. This provides immense savings to customers. The WAS or Ref price is a guide to the amount you save by purchasing directly from our winery-warehouse. The winemakers are Benjamin Parker and Greg Liebelt.

6. It follows that should you wish to taste our wines against others we believe they will equal those costing around the same as our WAS or Ref price.

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