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About Glug: The Basics

1. What does Glug do?

Glug both makes wine and purchases wines in bulk from many wineries across South Australia. These wines are matured at the Samuel Road winery, Nuriootpa, Barossa Valley. From this large and diverse stock, the winemakers create all the wines offered on the Glug site.

2. What is the Glug advantage for customers?

Glug sells directly to customers which means lower prices since wholesalers and retailers are side stepped. As well all of the brands are owned so marketing or advertising costs are not required.

3. Explain who runs Glug?

David Farmer wine merchant and now industry veteran opened a store in the Canberra suburb of Manuka in June, 1975. Continuously since then David has been tasting, buying and selling wines. To understand what creates the flavours of wine, David, from the late 1990s, explored the role of soils, landscapes and geology by mapping many wine regions.

Benjamin Parker began retailing wine in 1987 and joined David to begin the new business of Glug in early 2004. In that year Benjamin worked his first vintage at the Rolf Binder winery in the Barossa winery. Benjamin is the General Manager and winemaker of Glug and the winery is situated at the Samuel Road winery Nuriootpa, Barossa Valley.

4. How do I buy?

The wines for sale are on the Glug site. As well four emails per week are sent out to customer which review and offer new and recent bottlings with many one and two-day specials. The Monday email takes the form of a letter written by David which provides an on-going commentary about wine, food and related topics.

5. Guides to buying

The price of each wine is related to a REF. price which is Davids estimation of what a wine of similar quality would sell for in retail store. REF stands for reference price and can be used as a guide to the savings when shopping with Glug.
David also judges each wine and the point scores out of 100 are posted for guidance.

6. What else?

Sign up to receive the emails and away you go. The number of emails you wish to receive can be set or you can just visit the site when you want to buy. As well there are pages of wine commentary on Glug covering many topics. Click on ‘Wine Views and News’ to read our thoughts.

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