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Nearly 40 years experience in the Australian Wine Industry makes Glug one of Australia's most trusted and knowledgable online wine retailers.

Glug has a direct selling license which allows the purchase of wine from any producer and a producer's license which allows us to make wine. Glug thus makes wine and buys wine from many wineries. This wine is blended, bottled, packaged and offered to Glug customers via the Glug website and regular emails.

Glug also operates a wholesale business which sells to retailers in Sydney and Brisbane.

Glug is located in the Barossa Valley, South Australia and operates from winery premises which are near the historic Barossa town of Tanunda. Wine is shipped from a warehouse in Tanunda to private customers every working day.

An advantage of Glug is the location in the Barossa Valley as it is central to numerous premium wine regions like McLaren Vale and the Clare Valley and to essential services such as label printers, bottling and storage facilities, technical help and numerous specialists such as wine makers and wine brokers.

The wines offered on Glug are purchased by David and Ben. A substantial quantity of the Barossa Valley wine is from contracted grapes and this is supplemented with purchases of wine from growers and wine makers. Regular buying expeditions to McLaren Vale, the Clare Valley, Langhorne Creek, Coonawarra and further afield means stock is constantly added to the bulk storage in the Barossa Valley.

Since 2004 numerous valuable contacts have been established across South Australia which means we are offered wines almost daily. Glug buys quantities from a single barrel to larger volumes which may be further aged in the Barossa.

With time the Glug offer will steadily expand to most of the Australian and New Zealand wine regions.

David Farmer opened the wine retailer Farmer Bros with his brother Richard in June, 1975, in the Canberra suburb of Manuka and has been a wine retailer ever since. David has a vast general knowledge of the wine business and contributes wine articles to the Glug website. David moved to the Barossa Valley in March, 2004, to create the wine retail business Glug.

Ben Parker joined David Farmer in the Barossa Valley in March, 2004. Ben commenced his career in the wine trade when he joined Farmer Bros in 1987 in Melbourne as a trainee. Since then Ben has worked with a great number of liquor retailers. Ben is the General Manager of Glug and oversees all aspects of the day to day running of the Glug business.

Henry O'Donovan is part of the Glug family and our enjoyment of his company began back in 1995. Henry and the winemaker Benjamin are close so when Henry rings with a wine offer it is worth listening. Having a direct line to the winemaker means he has special things to offer and we can confirm they are good. Henry worked as a newsreader on National radio in Ireland for 10 years before coming to Australia where he now syndicates a chat show on 15 stations around the world.

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