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The Best of the Best
This August 34th Weekend

No.1 to No. 8 Specials for this 34th Weekend

New wines and old favourites are my selections for this 34th Weekend. These are the wines which have sold well and wines which are personal favourites. And since you ask I drink the Stratus and I like Barossa Rose made from Grenache and Barossa Semillon. Its what is in the glass that counts and please note I like flavour, not sucking river pebbles looking for flavour.

Adelaide Hills
Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Stratus pushes the quality limits for Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc and is of a quality to compare with say Shaw and Smith which sells for over $20.

Very fine wine.

logo The price is $9.99 a bottle
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'The Jackman’
Trial Bin
South Australia
Dry Red Blend No 4 N.V.

This little fellow has moved up a division in the fighting stakes and while not a Barossan is beginning to push his weight around.

This is the fourth bottling and all are different as Benjamin fiddles. The base is a superb batch of Cabernet and then many additions. Rocketing to fame as a best seller.

logoThe price $4.99 a bottle
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Two of my wine rules are drink what is in the glass not what you think it should taste like and double up when buying specials.

This weekend I have selected my top eight specials of the last four weeks simply based on what I like to drink. Here then, the ‘best of the best’, and the theme is the 34th Weekend for this year.

I adore Sauvignon blanc and was a large importer in the late 1970s of French wines like Sancerre and Pouilly Fume and late that decade I discovered New Zealand. Australian Sauvignon blanc was being planted at this time as a white wine boom had commenced and these appeared in shops in the early 1980s. Alas they were from warm climate districts making the flavours a bit flat. Later plantings created Stratus.

I love what Benjamin does with our budget reds so I have included the Jackman in my selection which is a BBQ winner.
I had to include a Barossa Shiraz so the Goat is in while being a huge fan of Barossa rose made with Grenache and Barossa Semillon accounted for another two selections.

Then another Benjamin blend which is outstanding for the price, the Trial Bin Cabernedro while the pick of the whole lot is his Trial Bin Chardonnay - a complete wine.

Then a welcome back to Langhorne Creek Shiraz completes the weekend selection.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

34th Great Weekend
Value for Money

Goat Square
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2016

We came to live in the Barossa Valley to make wines like this.

Use the best fruit, capture the Barossa flavour, keep costs tight and deliver what we know is world class value directly to customers.

logo The price is $11.99 per bottle

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P.B. Burgoyne
Barossa Valley
Semillon 2016

As long as a wine is of high quality it should not matter what it in the glass and I say this as this wine should not be over-looked.

There is much to choose from these days but weighing the price with quality this Barossan is a winner.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle

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Trial Bin 576
South Australia
Cabernedro 2013/2016

Experiments pay off and the best when of exceptional interest are bottled in tiny amounts. A blend of two varieties Cabernet and Bonvedro from different vintages with a few small additions-all for the better.

Exciting wine, tempting, offers a difference, so check the score and price.

logo The price is $6.65 per bottle or $79.90 a case
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Trial Bin W157
Adelaidean-Mount Lofty Range
Adelaide Hills
Chardonnay 2016

Experiments and tinkering are a feature of any winery. This develops knowledge and ranks equally with tasting the wines of competitors. Glug is structured on a tiny scale and if something special appears, even if there is not much of it, we are likely to have it bottled.

These Trials are a signature of Glug. Limit of one case per order on this wine.

logo The price is $7.41 per bottle or $89 a case

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Kitts Creek
Barossa Valley
Rose 2016

I have not been too impressed for many decades at what passes for Rose in Australia.

It has always been an after-thought, coloured white wine with lots of sugar, and a taste that tires after one sip. This is the real deal with grapes grown to make rose.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle

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Oakley Adams
Langhorne Creek
Shiraz 2016

To find the bargains we look for places with the right climate, low cost of production, and low consumer recognition.

Out two top spots in South Australia are Langhorne Creek and the Limestone Coast.

So its great to welcome back a Langhorne creek Shiraz, the first from a collection of reds Benjamin selected on a recent buying trip.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle
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Exploring the Full Favoured Reds of South Australia No.1

The reds of South Australia are very special. The reason is the geography of the premium vineyard regions means the climate is a balance between cooling and ripening in a way which is not found anywhere else on the globe. The bunches of grapes are pulled towards the coolness of the Great Southern Mega Ocean which slows flavour development, which can alter quickly by the intense, inland, heat flowing in from the baking, red centre.

It is this balance, constantly tilting, which makes complex, intense, interesting flavours which are best referred to as warm flavoured reds. Though a grower in Coonawarra may well disagree. Any-way this is the first mix of a wonderful new selection.

Each dozen contains one bottle of the following wines:
Stonevale Wines 'Red Barn' Bin 606 Barossa Valley Winemakers Dry Red Blend 2012
Cameron Country 'Red Post' Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Crayford Barossa Valley Cabernedro 2016
Hope Farm McLaren Vale Shiraz 2015
P. B. Burgoyne Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Light & Finniss South Australia Adelaidean Dry Red Blend 2012
Mount Eagle Eden Valley Shiraz 2013
Kincraig Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 x 2
Langdorf 'Kaldukee' Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012
Village Belle Barossa Valley Grenache 2016
logo The price is $109.88 a case
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It's All Barossa Valley - 100% Guaranteed No.4

The Australian press, tourist agencies and P.R. companies all agree that the most popular wine region, the most recognised, is the Barossa Valley. The late, great Chef Joel Rubuchon was famous for his mashed potatoes which contained 25% butter. ‘No one who tasted his recipe, made with 25 per cent butter, could forget the experience’. This reads like a proxy for the Barossa Valley, not just a warm climate red but one exploding with 25% more flavour.

Each dozen contains one bottle of the following wines:
Grandma Raethel Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Bengalee Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016
Karrawirra Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2015
Langdorf Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
Goat Square Barossa Valley Grenache 2016
Langdorf 'Kaldukee' Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012
Crayford Barossa Valley Mataro 2014
Bengalee Barossa Valley Shiraz Mataro 2014
Glug GH22 Single Barrel Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
logo The price is $139.90 a case
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