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Once You Understand The Weak Link Of Quality To Price You Are In Business
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Save $10 a Bottle

Stratus Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc 2017
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Both wines well illustrate the meaning of REF for reference. Both Stratus and Crayford are $10.99 and the reference price for both indicates a saving of $10. That is my view on what you save when buying ‘direct to your home’ versus from the local liquor store.

Adelaide Hills
Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Stratus pushes the quality limits for Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc and is of a quality to compare with say Shaw and Smith which sells for over $20. Very fine wine.

logo The price $10.99 a bottle
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Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2016

Brightly burns the Barossa and so it should as the wines are world class and while this fact is not universally recognised they are way under-priced. You would pay treble the price of this Crayford for a feeble, Cotes du Rhone and then spend ten minutes justifying why it is so great and such a good buy. We do it right at Glug if we continue to make extra-ordinary wines like this and offer them at good prices.

logoThe price $10.99 a bottle
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Weighing up judging points and quality gives the ‘value for money’ score. On average for wines costing over $10 you save $10 a bottle each time you shop at Glug.

As a retailer I know a customer is attracted by a saving. Indeed offering a saving off a regular price is standard practice for most retailers; it may apply all the time, periodically, or as an event such as Boxing Day sales and less often closing down sales.

When you make all your wine and own all the labels this needs to be approached in a different way. Since the start of Glug I have posted a WAS price and while the wines were briefly posted at that price they then dropped to what became the regular daily selling price.

The WAS price indicated what the wine would likely sell for in a standard, small, liquor store and this was estimated from my vast knowledge of retailing plus the prices charged by retailers who sold our wines.

Thus WAS, would inform customers what they saved by buying directly from ‘the factory’ or in our case ‘the winery’.

Even so I have erred as to Glug customers the WAS simply became a strange number that bore no meaning to what was being paid.
However this difference between the WAS and the regular price is an important number to assist you when buying. Here is why?

1. A judging score by a reputable expert is useful in making up your mind about the quality of a wine e.g. a 92/100 score will taste pretty good.

2. Now suppose you had another number set by an expert that indicted how the wine compared in price to others of similar quality. Knowing both were 92/100 yet one was $10 cheaper is very useful information.

From now you will find the WAS price fades out to be replaced by REF price for reference which is the price I find wines of similar quality sell for in a liquor store.

30 Day Pricing Guarantee:
After buying wine it is most annoying to find it cheaper shortly afterwards. Currently Ben and I find selling on-line most turbulent. To hold our ground I confess to moving prices around far more than usual. Please notify Nicole or Claire of any upsetting price moves and they will then issue a credit.

Wine Merchant Selections Which Save You Heaps

Cape Geographe
Margaret River
Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2017

Lovely crisp balanced flavours, very cool, and shows length. This is the third vintage from this supplier and they are very good at what they do. Top wine.

logo The price is $9.99 per bottle

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PPB 31 Premium Private Bin
'Three Hares'
Barossa Valley
Shiraz Grenache 2016

The two great heritage varieties of the Barossa Valley form the backbone of this winemaker’s experiment. Made in tiny amounts hence the provisional label which keeps costs down.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle

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Kitts Creek
Barossa Valley
Shiraz 2015

The grapes are sourced by us from the far northern Barossa so the wine delivers the bite and punch you would expect. Offers ultra value at this moment as we are moving to 2016.

logo The price is $11.99 per bottle
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June Wine Tasting and Sales Event 22 - 24 JUNE 2018:
The June, 2018 Wine Tasting will be held on Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June. All welcome with a range of great specials. Chat with the winemaker Benjamin Parker and sample over 50 wines. At the Glug winery, 95 Samuel Road, Barossa Valley.

Barossa Valley
Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012

Wonderful complex flavours plus it shows maturation from a great vintage. Recall this is not a chocolate syrup Shiraz but it is still full, rich, ripe and warm. You do need variety and the Kaldukee delivers.

logo The price is $10.99 per bottle

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Adelaide Hills
Chardonnay 2017

I have pointed this Chardonnay highly as it has fruit and flavour plus that extra elusive complexity. Fresh, vibrant with that exotic lift. Great effort by Benjamin.

logo The price is $10.99 per bottle

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Glug 'Heartbreaker'
Barossa Valley
Grenache 2016

Just too good to be blended away and I rank it as the best we made from the 2016 vintage. I hope and pray the beauty of this variety will soon become a reality. Great wine.

logo The price is $8.99 per bottle
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South Australian All Red Selection Series No.3

I put together this mixed dozen to show that under $7 we have a range of hand made, individual reds which for many customers will be all they need. Wines come and go quickly at Glug as making huge amounts and smothering vintage differences is not our way.
logo The price is $79.60 a case
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The Big Red Mix No.18

This is our longest running mixed dozen because it is the most popular. It provides a balance between expensive varieties and our more general favourites plus provides a saving on buying the dozen bottles separately. A real Glug winner.
logo The price is $89.88 a case
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