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New Release Wines

Sensational New Bush Telegraph
Borderland Estate 'Bush Telegraph' South Australia Shiraz Cabernet 2018

Region: South Australia
Shiraz is one of the heritage varieties of Australia and we now know we have clones that were wiped out in France by the Phylloxera plague of the 1880s. These rare and special clones then formed the basis for the expansion of Shiraz across the continent and perhaps are the reason why Shiraz is our most favoured red wine.

Cabernet likely arrived in the 1820s though little survived and was only widely planted in the 1980s. Blending the two has been and Australian tradition for a long time and this Bush Telegraph is a recent addition by the winemakers to this long history. Excellent drinking and for the next five years.


New Release Shiraz
Telegraph Road South Australia Shiraz 2018

Region: South Australia
There is a reason South Australia sells so much red wine, 50% of the Australian total. The warmth of the growing season means at harvest the grapes are perfectly ripe and thus the wines taste good because they have flavour.


Exploring the Many Faces of Mataro
Postcards of The Future 'Busy Farmer' Barossa Valley Mataro 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The first release of the Postcard wine series was done in conjunction with a McLaren Vale winemaker though since 2016 all responsibility belongs with Benjamin Parker. This range explores the red varieties of South Australia from premium regions though the emphasis is on the fruit of nature not the changes produced by winemakers.

With that said the Postcards are from the premium warm regions of South Australia so each variety shows oodles of ripe fruit and that fat, plumpness that comes from such fruit when it is not fussed over by winemakers pushing this expression to be something else. So the wine has no new oak and the back palate is not built with pressings. Even so wines of this style evolve in bottle for many years. This vintage was very favourable for Barossa Mataro and is the first Postcards to feature this variety.


Heritage Varieties Offers Complexity and Warmth
Goat Square Barossa Valley Mataro 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
We began using Mataro in the Goat Square wines with a blend of Mataro, Grenache and Shiraz in 2006 and again in 2008. The first 100% varietal Mataro was the 2010 and this was repeated in 2012 and 2014. A serious Barossa Valley producer must have Mataro in the range as it is one of the three original heritage varieties.

The table wine awakening dating to the 1950-1970s saw a few early Barossa reds labelled as Grenache Mataro Shiraz, though Mataro made up perhaps 10% of many Shiraz blends since the 1940s. As consumers have matured and experimented not only did new regions begin to flourish but old and new varieties steadily found a market.

And so it was that old bush vine Mataro vines in the Barossa were saved and while sales are still limited Glug now offers more and more 100% Mataro varietal wines. We are big fans of the variety and suggest you experiment with the taste difference.


Mature Flavours from Barrel Ageing
Light & Finniss South Australia The Adelaidean Bin 723 Dry Red Blend 2012

Region: South Australia
The base wine was purchased a few years ago and aged in mature oak. Then we found other small parcels plus we have blended in some of our Barossa stocks. Now in bottle and as a value for money red as good as good as can be found though has mature flavours.

The source of this blend is the many regions along the Adelaidean ranges of South Australia. I preach preserving the difference though under $10 blends mostly make better wines.


Exceptional 2018 First The 2008
Goat Square Barossa Valley Grenache 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
This is the fifth Grenache release the first being the 2008. The Grenache is not released every year as the popularity is much smaller than for Shiraz. The winemakers skipped the 2017 as conditions were unfavourable for Goat standard of Grenache. The grapes of such are vintage go into other wines, one of the reasons our cheaper blends are such excellent value.

Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz are the heritage varieties of the Barossa, and Grenache was widely grown as the heavy crop and high sugar content was perfect for making port. As the fortified market faded from the 1950s old vines were grubbed out because of lack of demand. As well the skills to make a rich, concentrated red had not evolved and growers were still cropping to highly for table wines.

This changed in the 1980s though only since 2000 have I felt comfortable recommending Barossa Valley Grenache. Its appeal will steadily grow and 90% of wineries now make a version though some settled for the varietal blend know as GMS. Glug stocks many pure Grenache wines and blends.


Glug Special of 34 dozen
Glug GH64 Individual Barrel Selection Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Preserving the difference is alive and well at Glug and now having the ability to bottle single barrels sits well with this outlook. Why drink a vast, anonymous blend each night when you can regularly taste the difference?

Shiraz from the Barossa Valley is a known quantity and the GH64 bottling fits exactly into expectations. Because of the additional complexity the winemaker Benjamin insisted that this barrel, and I agree, should be bottled; becoming the fifth of the Individual Barrel reds released this year.


One Barrel Masterpiece From The Eden Valley
Glug GH51 Single Barrel Eden Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region: Eden Valley
When you taste this wine think of the climate-weather. From a great vintage expect complex, ripe flavours; next when imagining the region note that it is not the Barossa Valley but Eden Valley which is not really a valley but a high elevation plateau which means it will not have a dense, inky black, colour.

Glug has been tracking this maker since 2006 and this wine proves he has made with the dream coming true. Benjamin knows him well and past purchases have been blended into other Glug wines.

This Cabernet is though of another level and I assume is some sort of gift for past support. Being a single barrel Benjamin did a few bench tests and with the thumbs up it went to bottle and joins our single barrel program.


Shining Example of Barossa Mataro
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mourvedre 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
We make and purchase a lot of Barossa Valley Mataro. To build the flavours in Mataro we appreciate, requires a long, warm ripening cycle and for this the Barossa and Clare Valleys are the best. Mataro takes all of Summer and into Autumn to ripen and is one of the last varieties picked. This has an advantage as the other varieties having completed fermentation means that fermenters are available when the grapes are perfect.

Many varieties ripen at the same time which places a lot of pressure on the winery earlier in the season. Interest in Mataro has steadily grown since the 1980s and with many winemakers having handled 20 consecutive vintages the wine quality has soared.

The winemaker Benjamin Parker was so impressed with those from 2017 and 2018 to have a few barrels bottled as Village Belle. The concept behind this wine range is to feature high quality examples of lesser known varieties.


Spot On The Money Warm Climate Favourite
Light and Finniss South Australian Shiraz 2018

Region: South Australia
The first was the Light and Finniss Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2007 and since then we have released dozens of Light and Finniss wines, mostly reds though whites as well. Colonel William Light, was the colonies Surveyor General and a revered figure. Suitable indeed for wines made from anywhere across South Australia though concentrating on those from the Mount Lofty Ranges which he and Finniss mapped.

This then is the art of Benjamin and Mel at their best. Take a well flavoured base and judiciously alter it for the better without blowing apart the selling price. Anyone can add 50% of a huge Barossa wine but then the selling price sky-rockets to $12 which is not where we want Light and Finniss to be. Here we have a wonderful, ripe, soft South Australian warm climate red for regular consumption.


At Last Great Grenache Emerges
Postcards of The Future 'Whale Bus' Barossa Valley Grenache 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The greatest of all taste discoveries will be found in warm climate Grenache. Barossa winemakers now have decades of experience in bringing out the best of Grenache and an experience as great as that of Pinot Noir, awaits those who have yet to discover the charms of this heritage variety. Cuttings arrived in Australia likely as far back as the 1820s yet its role until the 1980s revival was to provide a base for fortified wines.

I like the thought of those who explain it as being a warm climate Pinot Noir as it is lighter in colour than Shiraz and Cabernet, and has a silky, soft texture, and while well-made wines have length, it is not the length of the tannic grip of the more popular red varieties.

Indeed when gently pressed it makes a very great Rose style and is used at Glug to make most of our Barossa Roses. Lastly it has a long history in the Rhone Valley and the best from this region sell for hundreds of dollars.


Glug Special of 38 dozen
Glug GH04 Individual Barrel Selection Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Barossa Valley reveals its best is when you note a single barrel with such extra appeal that it is set aside, later bottled and later still offered to customers. Drinking this way is much more fun than sharing a wine with 5000 other drinkers. Well at least that is my rather selfish view. More and more in the winery we concentrate on small batch lots.

Picture one of the impressive, underground chais or cellars of the famous Bordeaux growths and imagine what it would be like if each barrel was bottled separately rather than being blended into a lot making 25,000 identical cases. All the small nuances captured at last.

They get closer to this in Burgundy where the volumes made are often only be a few hundred cases and this shows in the striking diversity of the region. Its this idea we are trying to capture.


Origin Spain Loves Hot Arid Places
Crayford Barossa Valley Graciano 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

Parts of Spain and Portugal have some similarities to the climate of the Barossa Valley. Hence, these two countries may be seen as part cousins in our common desire to bring out the best from all varieties adapted to warm, dry climates. They use dozens of varieties in all manner of blends and it makes our tool kit look quite spartan. Thankfully a range of varieties they have used for a thousand years are now being grown in the Barossa allowing us to make more complex blends.

Graciano is one such variety being grown in the Rioja region where it is seen as essential for giving back-bone to the Grand Reserva wines. Though the amount planted in Rioja is tiny, so it seems the use is very specific for blending. Having been tested in a climate that has many similarities to the Barossa thankfully it is finally in the ground.

I am intrigued that Graciano has 45 synonyms so it seems every vineyard in every district planted a row to add meat to the final blend. We are fans at Glug and are delighted to have it back in the Crayford range.


Delivers the Best of Juicy Barossa Flavours
Harem 'Fatima' Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Harem Fatima is a riotous, juicy expression of two varieties, Grenache and Mataro. Together they reveal a voluminous, richly flavoured, even luxurious side to the Barossa Valley. The first release was a 2005 then a wait till 2009 with most vintages since. The Fatima is part of the Harem range which includes Rosita, Layla and the Sultan and highlights different expressions of Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro as single varietals or blends, with the view of showing their many different facets.

That first release of 2005 developed from the earlier experiments of other winemakers which began in the 1980s the fruits of which are now seen across the Barossa Valley as now most artisanal winemakers release blends each vintage. Traditional winemaking in open vat fermenters was followed by 16 months in older barrels. This release is of 28 cases.


Glug Special of 38 dozen
Glug GH50 Individual Barrel Selection Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The great Barossa winemaker Rolf Binder was the one who urged me on to understand the depth and beauty of Barossa Cabernet. This appreciation in-turn made me rethink the idea of grape varieties having a restricted climate range.

For Cabernet this currently means a maritime climate as shown by Bordeaux and Margaret River with the suggestion that the Cabernets of a warm region like the Barossa are too rich, deep and perhaps a bit four-square.

I no longer accept such a point of view and instead find enjoyment in a Lakes Folly Hunter Valley Cabernet, a Cape Mentelle Margaret River Cabernet and a Rolf Binder Barossa Valley Cabernet. Better still is the little extra complexity that is found in the Glug Individual Barrel series.


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