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When selling wine what exactly do customers want know. The basic facts are on the label and the rest is mostly an impression.

Exciting New Release
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017

Region: Barossa Valley
When I began selling wine in 1975 it was not easy to locate and thus stock a range of 100% Barossa Valley Shiraz. The Barossa was a centre for wine production for large companies, Seppelts, Penfolds, Hardys, Yalumba, Gramps -Orlando, Kaiser Stuhl and others a bit smaller like Saltrams, Tollana and later Peter Lehmann.

Mostly they concentrated on large volumes of regional blends and the idea of promoting a range of Barossa reds was yet to develop. Now you can purchase perhaps 50 to 100 different Shiraz individual bottlings from each vintage which is of course the future for this unique vineyard setting. Glug specialises in a range as that is what the Barossa does best.

The most popular for a number of years has been the Crayford and it good to have it back and under $10.


The First Was Back In 2008
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Region: Barossa Valley
We purchase grapes and wine from many sources which are aged separately in barrels. This is not unusual for large companies since to make a wine with the quantity to supply stores across Australia, and perhaps supply the export market, means you create a single, big blend from a large number of wines. Glug being small is unusual as it retains the differences of the many wines and depending on the type of wine which evolves bottles these separately.

This means at times you will find half a dozen Barossa Cabernets for sale showing vintage and regional differences. Note that all of these are Barossa Valley and traditional first while the differences from regions and winemaking are really quite minor being a secondary component The Kitts was first made in 2008 and generally appears every vintage.


Benjamin Parker Creation
Glug 'Saint Gotthard' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017

Region: Barossa Valley
We use simple, tried and true methods to make wines at Glug. Pick when fully ripe is the first and by far the most important step to get right. We do not favour early picking to capture a different flavour expression. The grapes then go to open fermenters and ferment for a period decided by the winemaker.

When completed the wine is next moved into seasoned oak barrels where the wine is matured until bottling. Sitting above all of this is of course the location as the flavours are not generated by the process but by the weather each vintage.

You can mess up what nature provides all too easily but with modern winemaking this should not happen. So the 2017 will be different to previous vintages in some small way because of what nature provided. Capturing that is the Glug way.


Winemakers Delighting the Crowd
Trial Bin 909 Classic Dry Red Non Vintage

Region: South Australia
The winemakers have been boasting about this wine. The object was to make the best wine at the lowest price. The great Max Schubert used to delight me with his non-vintage blends and I would sit in his office drinking these while recording his stories.

Ignoring the conventions you have come to expect about wine readily delivers a better drink so combining vintages means the wine becomes a non-vintage yet the taste improves.

Blending of varieties is readily accepted but vintages less so but never forget that a great French Champagne is often non-vintage. The reason is because the Chef de Cave with the resources available can make a better wine by blending varieties and vintages. We like to preserve the difference so restrict the art of blending to lower priced wines.


Deeply Coloured Full Flavoured Soft and Ready
Postcards Of The Future 'Aerial Firefighters' McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016

Region: McLaren Vale, SA
A deeply coloured, gorgeous, fat, round, soft wine just dripping with primary flavours. Glug has always been interested in showing consumers the excitement of turning the new season's fruit into wine. There is a particular appeal in the vibrant colours and the way fruit flavours are expressed in new wine. This of course was how wine was once served as it was difficult to keep.

You filled a decanter with red straight from a barrel which had finished fermentation and placing it on the table. The evolution of barrel storage and understanding the methods of preserving wine took of course many centuries. Drinking the new seasons wine at the winery is the closest you can get to enjoy the primary fruit flavours of the grape and of appreciating that each vintage is controlled by its unique weather.

I rate this wine highly and it shows deep colours of a flashing, vibrant, crimson red with a large mouthful of ripe flavours, complex and intense. Enjoy now and for a few years though it may surprise and live for decades. This is a red for serious drinkers and is not a lightweight, lolly-pop style nor has it been sweetened.


Glug Winemakers SA Best Value Mix

Over the last six months the winemaking team of Benjamin, Greg and Mel have made many incredible value for money wines which are a Glug specialty. These have been collected into this South Australia Best Value Mix which at the price offers incredible value.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

100% Barossa Guaranteed

Glug 'It's All Barossa Valley - 100% Guaranteed' Mix

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Explore SA's Rich Reds

Glug 'Exploring the Full Flavoured Reds of SA' Mix 7

The reds of South Australia are very special. The reason is the geography of the premium vineyard regions means the climate is a balance between cooling and ripening in a way which is not found anywhere else on the globe. The bunches of grapes are pulled towards the coolness of the Great Southern Mega Ocean which slows flavour development, which can alter quickly by the intense, inland, heat flowing in from the baking, red centre. It is this balance, constantly tilting, which makes complex, intense, interesting flavours which are best referred to as warm flavoured reds. Though a grower in Coonawarra may well disagree.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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