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Bengalee Barossa Valley Grenache 2014
Western Ridge Warmth
Bengalee Barossa Valley Grenache 2014

Region: Barossa Valley

The first Bengalee was a Shiraz 2008 and the first Grenache was the 2010 making this release the fourth Grenache. All wine regions over a certain size show enough landscape variability such that it makes sense to talk of sub-regions. In this case the vineyard source was up around Greenock along the western ridges where its higher and being from the northern Barossa Valley also a bit warmer.

This region also takes the brunt of the westerly weather so it is often wetter in winter. These landscape changes are not sharp so drawing boundaries is silly but there is enough variation in the Greenock sub region to move the flavours away from the norm. Grenache was planted likely from the start in the 1840s though as often mentioned being able to buy 100% Barossa Valley Grenache is quite recent.

At Glug we are big supporters of the variety, indeed we see drawing your attention to Barossa Grenache as a duty but alas the beauty of the flavours are not widely embraced. Very simply this spells out bargain as the Barossa has a finite size and the flavours cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

Price: $15.99

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