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Karrawirra Single Vineyard 'St Kitts' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013
Captures Glory Of This Fine Vintage
Karrawirra Single Vineyard 'St Kitts' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013

Region: Barossa Valley
Just as great wines show there best as they mature so the best winemakers cannot peak till they develop maturity. Winemaking is a craft where a long apprenticeship is needed though to reach a higher level requires a vision of what it is they wish to make.
In my view this vision is best found by understanding the great wines made by previous generations and building from that base.
I see little point in bursting onto the scene with a bold new direction, since what is possible is set by the weather of each vintage and this is captured in the best fruit; thus fashionable or contemporary notions derived from earlier picking, lower alcohols, and lighter, finer styles is not the direction for the Barossa Valley.
This St Kitts is from a small vineyard in the northern Barossa and has been carefully nurtured by Benjamin Parker over many years in mature, small French oak and in this manner departs from other makers by the sparing use of new oak.
A year ago we released the Karrawirra Fan Block and the St Kitts has a resemblance to this wine though it took a longer maturation to prove it’s worth. The St Kitts is an excellent addition to your cellar. We made 50 cases.

Price: $25.99


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