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Fareham Estate Clare Valley Riesling 2018
Complex Fruit Long Life
Fareham Estate Clare Valley Riesling 2018

Region: Clare Valley, SA
When I learnt about wine, I was taught the great Rieslings came from Germany and now and again from Alsace. You cannot duplicate the climate of Germany in Australia so we would always be off the pace when the great wines were opened. How come then, those from EdenValley and the Clare Valley are so pleasant and also matured beautifully with prolonged cellaring?

This teaches us two things; the Riesling variety makes interesting wines over a wide climate range and while this will create different tastes it is left to the consumer to travel and taste along this range.

The latitude of the Clare Valley (Clare is at 400m) means it is warm though the vineyards are many hundreds of metres above seal level and the evening temperatures can decline quickly. Cool breezes also move up the Gulf and can lower day time temperatures.

Still the evidence is in the bottle though texturally they are firmer and do not have the silky softness, backed with high acids that a German Riesling will show. I though find them more interesting as the flavours are more complex.

Price: $9.99


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