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P.B. Burgoyne Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016
Cool And Wet Heartland Of The Hills
P.B. Burgoyne Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016

Region: Barossa, SA
Unusually for us we have aged this wine in oak to add complexity and lengthen the palate. It was Brian Croser with his start up Petaluma, dating from 1976, who made the first Adelaide Hills whites to catch my attention. I am not sure when the first Chardonnay was released though I recall a succession of cleverly made wines being released over the 1990s.

Those early pioneers of the 1970s triggered off a wave of vineyard plantings which have multiplied across the Adelaide Hills with dozens of wineries now offering numerous white varieties. There is now ample supply so a small business, like Glug, can source from a great number of locations though we prefer the heartland which surrounds the original Petaluma vineyards and goes north and west for five to 10 kilometres.

The wetter, higher, cooler ground is the best for Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc as the fruit flavours change as you move east and south into slightly warmer areas. The Burgoyne sits comfortably with the ideal of Glug to balance quality with price and Benjamin Parker has done an exceptional job.

Price: $8.99


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