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Postcards of The Future 'Whale Bus' Barossa Valley Grenache 2018
Heritage Variety of the Future
Postcards of The Future 'Whale Bus' Barossa Valley Grenache 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The greatest of all taste discoveries will be found in warm climate Grenache. Barossa winemakers now have decades of experience in bringing out the best of Grenache and an experience as great as that of Pinot Noir, awaits those who have yet to discover the charms of this heritage variety. Cuttings arrived in Australia likely as far back as the 1820s yet its role until the 1980s revival was to provide a base for fortified wines.

I like the thought of those who explain it as being a warm climate Pinot Noir as it is lighter in colour than Shiraz and Cabernet, and has a silky, soft texture, and while well-made wines have length, it is not the length of the tannic grip of the more popular red varieties.

Indeed when gently pressed it makes a very great Rose style and is used at Glug to make most of our Barossa Roses. Lastly it has a long history in the Rhone Valley and the best from this region sell for hundreds of dollars.

Price: $11.99


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