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Kincraig Limestone Coast Shiraz 2015
Special Bargain Sleeper On Our Long List
Kincraig Limestone Coast Shiraz 2015

Region:Limestone Coast, SA

Coonawarra is justly famous and a pilgrimage to Penola, the local headquarters, was an essential for a young wine merchant back in the 1970s. Much has happened since then and Coonawarra is now the ‘capital city’ of a vast area called the Limestone Coast.

Over the last decades we have found many great bargains and the Kincraig is one of these. Glug does not make wine from the Limestone Coast but we have many contacts and from a regular supply of samples find what we are after for the right price. The best reds are made from Cabernet which gets full ripeness in this cooler region. With Shiraz we are much more cautious and knock back most samples.

We do not want and do not expect a Barossa Valley look alike but we do like ripeness. This is a good wine and will give customers much pleasure. It has now been in barrel for many years so you will discover oak on the palate. This is the final bottling.

Price: $8.99

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