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The Festival of Adelaidean Shiraz
Comparing the Adelaidean-Mount Lofty Range to the Rhone Valley
Saturday, 14th June, 2014 - David Farmer

I have the view that the significance of the Adelaidean-Mount Lofty Range vineyard region is greater than currently understood and, to offer a comparison, believe it to be more significant than the Rhone Valley. My reasoning for elevating the Adelaidean-Mount Lofty Range above the Rhone Valley develops from two thoughts; comparing their respective wine quality and weighing up the diversity of styles and varieties which each produce. more...

The Daily Diary of Events
June, 2014 - David Farmer

During the month of June we will be moving quickly across the many regions covered in our Festival. The wine specials will be available all month and listed in the Daily Diary you will find a running tally of recommendations plus my point of view on each wine region. I will highlight what I think are the significant facts for each region in a way that will make your drinking more interesting. Plus we have some wonderful new releases coming up. more...

The 13 Wine Regions of the Adelaidean - Mount Lofty Ranges
Sunday, 8th June, 2014 - David Farmer

No wine region in the world can be exactly the same as another. The thin skin of crust which floats on the dense, black rocks of the earth's interior is endlessly crumpled and then weathered creating infinite variations of landscapes. It is this landscape diversity which creates shifts in the flavours of wine. more...


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