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Fun with Durif & Mataro

Trapping the Troll of Kaiser Stuhl
Region:Barossa Valley

The 2021 release of Barbarossa is dense, it's black, it's 14.9% alcohol and I can give you no other information, except it is Barossa Valley, exactly  more detail...

Big Colour Plum Flavour
Brutus Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2017
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

The idea of Glug was to bring together many threads about the wine business, one being to become producers. Not only to make wines from the  more detail...

In Praise of Barossa Mataro
Crayford Barossa Valley Mataro 2019
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

It is right to bring new or alternative varieties to Australia and it also makes sense to praise what we have grown for 150 years. Mataro makes  more detail...

Durif Adds Magic
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2018
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia
The art of blending is to make additions to an attractive base wine to enhance particular features, like the aroma or the body weight, so that the  more detail...

Result from Decade with Durif
Farmers & Growers 'The Smithy' South Australia Shiraz Durif 2018
Region: South Australia
Glug is a boutique winemaker yet unusually has the strong belief that making good, day to day wines is as important as striving to making the best wines we can  more detail...

Fabulous Expression of this Heritage variety
Glug 'Pegleg' Barossa Valley Mataro 2020
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

Our long apprenticeship with Mataro is over.

When we settled in the Barossa we built an office in the Rolf Binder winery. Directly behind  more detail...

Magnificent Rich and Thickly Flavoured
Glug 'The Black Rider' Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2018
Region:Barossa Valley
The desire to make a premium Barossa Valley Durif has been ticking away in Benjamin's mind for at least a decade.

Durif has been included in many blends over  more detail...

Magic Secret Revealed
Glug 'The Magic Bullet' Barossa Valley Mataro 2020
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

The great chefs keep their culinary secrets to a tight circle. Now Benjamin has named a wine after the great Barossa Valley secret which is  more detail...

Continuing Our Mataro Mission 2004-2021
Glug 'The Third Apostle' Barossa Valley Mataro 2019
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia
From day one of our arrival in the Barossa Valley in 2004 we knew we wanted to be heavily involved with making Mataro. We have since made many wines  more detail...

Heritage Varieties Offer Complexity and Warmth
Goat Square Barossa Valley Mataro 2019
We began using Mataro in the Goat Square wines with a blend of Mataro, Grenache and Shiraz in 2006 and again in 2008. The first 100% varietal Mataro was the 2010 and this was repeated in 2012, 2014  more detail...

Durif with the Barossa Weather - Perfection
Karrawirra Barossa Valley Durif 2018
I had no knowledge of Durif before opening a liquor store in 1975 as that's when a small group of customers approached me to stock Durif and told me I would find the best wines in Rutherglen. They  more detail...

Shining Example of Barossa Mataro
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mourvedre 2019
Interest in Barossa Valley Mourvedre or Mataro has steadily grown since the 1980s and with many winemakers having handled 30 consecutive vintages the wine quality has soared. When we commenced Glug  more detail...

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