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High Value for Money Ratio
Trial Bin 809 South Australia Cabernedro 2013/2017

Region: SA
Trials Bins continue because when they work they deliver customers better value wines. Recall winemaker Parker is working with a parcel of the Barossa Valley Bonvedro which is fabulous but far too confusing for any other company to sell.

To this he adds Cabernet of various proportions-hence the name Cabernedro. Bonvedro is a Portuguese variety which resembles another variety Carignan and it seems the plantings of Bonvedro in the Barossa have been confused with Carginan perhaps from the day they were planted.

It is likely being from Portugal that Bonvedro was planted for the fortified market which recall was what sold until the table wine awakening. Recent DNA testing has resolved the distinction. Now it is made as a red wine which to us is like a heavy weight Grenache. Blended with Cabernet it lifts again and the winemaker is very pleased with the result.


Origin Spain Loves Hot Arid Places
Crayford Barossa Valley Graciano 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

Parts of Spain and Portugal have some similarities to the climate of the Barossa Valley. Hence, these two countries may be seen as part cousins in our common desire to bring out the best from all varieties adapted to warm, dry climates. They use dozens of varieties in all manner of blends and it makes our tool kit look quite spartan. Thankfully a range of varieties they have used for a thousand years are now being grown in the Barossa allowing us to make more complex blends.

Graciano is one such variety being grown in the Rioja region where it is seen as essential for giving back-bone to the Grand Reserva wines. Though the amount planted in Rioja is tiny, so it seems the use is very specific for blending. Having been tested in a climate that has many similarities to the Barossa thankfully it is finally in the ground.

I am intrigued that Graciano has 45 synonyms so it seems every vineyard in every district planted a row to add meat to the final blend. We are fans at Glug and are delighted to have it back in the Crayford range.


The Little Fellow Thinking Big
'The Jackman' South Australia Red Blend NV No.6

Region: South Australia
Since we bottle many of our own wines in the winery (a very unusual practise these days) this means Trials and Experiments move from ideas in large glass beaker to small production runs when they look good. Using a professional bottling hall means you must commit to hundreds of cases and this stops dead anything that is not seen as 100% certainty to sell. This stifles creativity and many lovely wines I’m certain you would enjoy were never made.

We bottled another 38 cases of this Trial Bin which blends several vintages to make a better taste but keeps the price low. I call then kitchen reds; wines you sip these while preparing a meal. The spirit of change lives at Glug so each of these Trials is different but note they are all warm climate reds so flavor comes first. When we make a cool climate red you will be informed. The Jackman is an on-going bargain made from the same base with each Numbered blend being slightly different to the last.


Exciting New Release
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017

Region: Barossa Valley
When I began selling wine in 1975 it was not easy to locate and thus stock a range of 100% Barossa Valley Shiraz. The Barossa was a centre for wine production for large companies, Seppelts, Penfolds, Hardys, Yalumba, Gramps -Orlando, Kaiser Stuhl and others a bit smaller like Saltrams, Tollana and later Peter Lehmann.

Mostly they concentrated on large volumes of regional blends and the idea of promoting a range of Barossa reds was yet to develop. Now you can purchase perhaps 50 to 100 different Shiraz individual bottlings from each vintage which is of course the future for this unique vineyard setting. Glug specialises in a range as that is what the Barossa does best.

The most popular for a number of years has been the Crayford and it good to have it back and under $10.


Fabulous and So Barossa
Village Belle Barossa Valley Grenache 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Why not move your drinking along by adding two heritage Barossa varieties to your drinking repertoire? At that back end of many Glug wines lies Mataro though the one we like to bottle as a 100% varietal is Grenache. We make and deal in high quality Grenache and offer a broad selection. The Village Belle is one of our best.


Famous Australian Blend
Bagot Station Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
The two biggest selling red varieties in Australia are Shiraz and Cabernet. Globally Cabernet is the largest thus to give consumers the best it became common practice in Australia many decades ago to blend the two.

Another reason offered in the 1970s came from the taste of Cabernet which was reasoned to have a flavor profile of a dough-nut, a flavor hole or short in the mid palate. To fill this hole winemakers added Shiraz which has enormous mid-palate flavor.

The blend is not so popular these days though Benjamin simply wants to provide the best taste for the price we ask and has reverted back to the solution of the 1960s-1970s.


100% Barossa at Bargain Price
Bagot Station Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
This Bagot represents what I could never obtain as a shop retailer from 1975-2005. A good honest, well-spoken Shiraz from the Barossa Valley at a great price. We purchased this in bulk and re-blended it at our winery. Normally wines such as this are tipped into vast vats and emerge as wines that sell for $15-$20 as that is how they are assembled.

We are a new player and move purchases down a different supply chain, in this case directly to the Glug customer. Please note this is not Karrawirra at $15.99 but a you beaut special for day to day drinking which you can enjoy because you are smart.


High Value for Money Ratio
Old Moppa Road Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
For this Barossa blend the winemakers have returned to the Australian tradition of matching Shiraz with Cabernet. This historical blend likely has no particular starting date though Yalumba have been supporters since the 1940s.

Penfolds have also used the blend from the experimental wines of the 1950s to the Koonunga Hill of the 1970s. At times it has been argued that Cabernet lacks mid palate depth and winemakers have used Shiraz to fill this flavour hole. These days the blend is not particularly common so let us say at times blending the two makes a more interesting wine and plenty of times it does not.

In some vintages grape and flavour quality is uneven and they are the vintages when it makes sense to blend. A fine wine and well constructed by Benjamin and his team.


Deeply Coloured Full Flavoured Soft and Ready
Postcards of The Future 'Aerial Firefighters' McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016

Region: McLaren Vale, SA
A deeply coloured, gorgeous, fat, round, soft wine just dripping with primary flavours. Glug has always been interested in showing consumers the excitement of turning the new season's fruit into wine. There is a particular appeal in the vibrant colours and the way fruit flavours are expressed in new wine. This of course was how wine was once served as it was difficult to keep.

You filled a decanter with red straight from a barrel which had finished fermentation and placing it on the table. The evolution of barrel storage and understanding the methods of preserving wine took of course many centuries. Drinking the new seasons wine at the winery is the closest you can get to enjoy the primary fruit flavours of the grape and of appreciating that each vintage is controlled by its unique weather.

I rate this wine highly and it shows deep colours of a flashing, vibrant, crimson red with a large mouthful of ripe flavours, complex and intense. Enjoy now and for a few years though it may surprise and live for decades. This is a red for serious drinkers and is not a lightweight, lolly-pop style nor has it been sweetened.


100% Barossa Guaranteed

Glug 'It's All Barossa Valley - 100% Guaranteed' Mix

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Explore SA's Richest Reds

Glug 'Exploring the Full Flavoured Reds of SA' Mix 10

The reds of South Australia are very special. The reason is the geography of the premium vineyard regions means the climate is a balance between cooling and ripening in a way which is not found anywhere else on the globe. The bunches of grapes are pulled towards the coolness of the Great Southern Mega Ocean which slows flavour development, which can alter quickly by the intense, inland, heat flowing in from the baking, red centre. It is this balance, constantly tilting, which makes complex, intense, interesting flavours which are best referred to as warm flavoured reds. Though a grower in Coonawarra may well disagree.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Winemakers Create Great Bargain

Glug Winemakers SA Best Value Mix

Over the last six months the winemaking team of Benjamin, Greg and Mel have made many incredible value for money wines which are a Glug specialty. These have been collected into this South Australia Best Value Mix which at the price offers incredible value.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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