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Rara Avis Barossa Valley Mataro Grenache 2013
Dazzling display of Barossa Power
Rara Avis Barossa Valley Mataro Grenache 2013

Region: Barossa Valley

This is the fourth release of the Rara Avis the others being 2002, 2008 and the 2012. An associate still has stock of the 2008 and I can relate that it is a masterpiece of great beauty. The name plays homage to all things that are rare, beautiful and perhaps extinct.

One of my favourite stories is about the Stephens Island Wren : "At a recent meeting of the Ornithologists’ Club in London, the Hon. W Rothschild, the well-known collector, described this veritable, rara avis, specimens of which he had obtained from Mr Henry Travers of Wellington, who, we understand, got them from the lighthouse keeper at Stephens Island, who in his turn is reported to have been indebted to his cat for this remarkable ornithological 'find'.

As to how many specimens Mr Travers, the lighthouse keeper and the cat managed to secure between them we have no information, but there is very good reason to believe that the bird is no longer to be found on this island, as it is not known to exist anywhere else, it has apparently become quite extinct. This is probably a record performance in the way of extermination. The English scientific world will hear almost simultaneously of its discovery and its disappearance," The Christchurch Press 1895.

Price: $35.99


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