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Our Pick Best Value Warm Climate Red
Andrina Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2017
We often describe Langhorne Creek to overseas visitors as producing reds that have the full ripeness of the Barossa Valley and the fruit sweetness this gives, with the addition of fragrant aromas and  more detail...

Last Barossa Red was the 2011
Auld & Burton Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

With so many Barossa wines available today it may seem surprising that back in the 1970s it was difficult to buy 100% Barossa Valley  more detail...
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Full Ripeness of South Australia Warm Climate
Auld & Burton Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2017
This is the sort of red we want the Glug name associated with as it has many of the features of the best Barossa Valley reds yet offers better value.

Three Jimmy Watson winners in succession,  more detail...

Northern Barossa Full-bodied Rich Ripe
Bagot Station Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

What is it about Barossa Valley reds that makes them so satisfying?

For me it has always been the weight of flavour, the feature that  more detail...
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Full Rich and 14.8%
Bengalee Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Bengalee left Hamburg with German settlers on 10th July 1838 and arrived in Adelaide on the 19th November, 1838. It is likely a few of these arrivals later  more detail...
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Sensational New Bush Telegraph
Borderland Estate 'Bush Telegraph' South Australia Shiraz Cabernet 2018
Region: South Australia
Shiraz is one of the heritage varieties of Australia and we now know we have clones that were wiped out in France by the Phylloxera plague of the 1880s. These rare  more detail...

Big Colour Plum Flavour
Brutus Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2017
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

The idea of Glug was to bring together many threads about the wine business, one being to become producers. Not only to make wines from the  more detail...

Australia is Blessed - Try This!
Colton & Hewett McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

Those writing about our wines lack a sophisticated approach. Books are written about small districts dotted along the Rhone Valley yet we have not  more detail...

Good Vintage A Sleeper
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia
This is the best Crayford Shiraz we have made. The first Crayford was the 2007, a Shiraz Mataro though we have not repeated this blend for many  more detail...

Durif Adds Magic
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2018
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia
The art of blending is to make additions to an attractive base wine to enhance particular features, like the aroma or the body weight, so that the  more detail...

Result from Decade with Durif
Farmers & Growers 'The Smithy' South Australia Shiraz Durif 2018
Region: South Australia
Glug is a boutique winemaker yet unusually has the strong belief that making good, day to day wines is as important as striving to making the best wines we can  more detail...

Sit Back Let the Pleasure Take Over
Glug 'The Barracuda' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Settling in the Barossa Valley in 2004 was the correct move as the beauty of the wines, vintage after vintage, confirms we are not wasting our energies. Max Schubert at Penfolds long ago proved this  more detail...

Magnificent Rich and Thickly Flavoured
Glug 'The Black Rider' Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2018
Region:Barossa Valley
The desire to make a premium Barossa Valley Durif has been ticking away in Benjamin's mind for at least a decade.

Durif has been included in many blends over  more detail...

Singing the Praises of Eden Valley Reds
Glug 'The Holy Cow' Eden Valley Shiraz 2018
Region: Eden Valley, South Australia

The region of Eden Valley abuts the Barossa Valley to the east and south east. In general the Eden vineyards are several hundred metres higher while  more detail...

Last Stocks from Great Vintage
Glug 'The Patsy' Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2015
Region: Barossa Valley
The last stocks of our 2015 reds are being bottled and ‘The Patsy’ was a special bottling to celebrate Barossa pioneers who specialised in blending Shiraz and  more detail...
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