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White Wines

Serious Rosé for Serious Drinkers
Glug W1681 Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Rose 2019
What makes wine so interesting is the amazing range of tastes. A Barossa Rosé made in the traditional way from Grenache and Mataro is one of the great drinking pleasures. These two varieties  more detail...
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Following the Style of Past Champions
Glug W1719 Barossa Valley Semillon 2018
Semillon was widely grown in the Barossa Valley for use in fortified wines as the variety grows well not only in cool maritime climates but also in much warmer regions and of course is acclaimed in  more detail...

As Fresh as Yesterday in your Glass
Glug W1729 Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016
I like this wine as it has picked up further drinking interest from being stored for four years in large temperature-controlled tanks; think of red wine in barrels, to get the idea. Thus it’s a  more detail...

Incredibly Small Crop - Tight Bunches
Harem 'Rosita' Barossa Valley Rose (Grenache Mataro) 2019
Region: Barossa Valley
With the 2019 vintage of Harem we return to where we started as the first Rosita, the 2009, was made from Mataro with Grenache. Ten years on the Grenache is  more detail...
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Miracle to Preserve the Difference
Langdorf Kaldukee Barossa Valley Frontignac 2015
Region:Barossa Valley
Heritage varieties, older well established varieties and newly arrived varieties are all part of the Australian vineyard landscape. Perhaps we should add another  more detail...

Reappraisal Needed for Eden Valley Whites
Mount Eagle Eden Valley Chardonnay 2020
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

By the 1970s South Australian winemakers were testing cooler regions for a more sensitive expression of white wines. This led to the development of  more detail...

Smallest Vintage Since 2007
Mount Eagle Eden Valley Riesling 2020
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

The geographic feature, Mount Eagle does exist being a ridge line to the east of the historic towns of Keyneton and Eden Valley (a village name as  more detail...

Greatness of Eden Valley Shines Bright
Parawatta Eden Valley Chardonnay 2021
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

Chablis, made from Chardonnay, is a much-applauded wine and I agree that a small sliver of the large quantity made can show magical qualities.  more detail...

Shining Light from 10/10 Vintage
Parawatta Eden Valley Pinot Gris 2021
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

The Eden Valley has had its best vintage since I moved to the Barossa Valley in 2004. Even, steady, ripening and a vine that is not gasping for water  more detail...

Classical Great Vintage
Parawatta Eden Valley Riesling 2021
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

Murray Tyrrell knew what to say when asked; best vintage ever. Always the salesman so I shall be careful what I say.

The last classical  more detail...

Sparkling For All Occasions
Philip Schaffer The Vineyard Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV
Region: Australia
Australia has a long history of making sparkling wines and at Great Western you can still visit the winery and vineyards of one of these pioneers Hans William Irvine.  more detail...

Fabulous Complex Fresh Barossa
Salem Valley Barossa Dry White Blend 2021
Region:Barossa, South Australia

Looking back over the ‘one-off’ bottlings we have released since 2005, many hundreds by now, I note how many of the best, yet oddest, ended up  more detail...

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