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Fabulous Barossa Valley Discovery
Stonevale 'Red Barn' Bin 671 Winemakers Blend Barossa Valley 2016
Region: Barossa Valley
About six weeks ago Benjamin purchased a mixed lot of reds from a local boutique winery. As is often the way with wines we accept this vintage did not match their  more detail...

Glug Classic Goes Back Many Years
Telegraph Road South Australia Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
Region: South Australia
Early Telegraphs date back to 2006 though the first of the Telegraph Roads was a 2008 vintage.

Back in my shop retailing days I was the first to see the  more detail...

Righteous Pleasure
Teusner 'Albert' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2013
Region: Barossa Valley
'Albert Shiraz is named after my Grandfather, Albert Alfred Teusner...a man I admired for his commitment and his persistence. Like previous vintages, Albert Shiraz  more detail...
Only 2 bottle(s) left in stock


Gomersal Western Ridge Barossa Sub Region
Teusner Bilmore Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017
Only 6 bottle(s) left in stock


Teusner Dog Strangler Barossa Valley Mataro 2017
Region: Barossa Valley
Mataro was one of the foundation varieties of the Barossa Valley. As the age of fortified wines faded during the 1950s-1960s so did the price for Mataro. The  more detail...

Independent Thinking from Great Artisan
Teusner Independent Barossa Valley Shiraz Mataro 2016
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
We are big supporters of Barossa Shiraz and Mataro and love this 50%-50% blend from the crew at Teusner. Writing this note makes me recall I wrote the first  more detail...
Only 4 bottle(s) left in stock


True & Righteous Pleasure
Teusner MC Barossa Valley Sparkling Shiraz 2009
Region: Barossa Valley
"'Built for Bacon'.....that could well apply to most of the staff here at Teusner Wines but we believe that Sparkling Shiraz came into being as early man  more detail...

Biggest of the Teusner Range
Teusner The Playground Dr Franks Barossa Valley Durif 2014
Region: Barossa Valley
Durif is a most interesting variety being a cross between Peloursin and Syrah (Shiraz) and seems to have been an accidental creation by Francois Durif (Dr Frank)  more detail...

Jackman Moves up a Weight Division
The Jackman Trial Bin South Australia Dry Red Blend No 4 NV
Region: South Australia
Recall that we bottle many of our own wines which means Trials and Experiments have moved from large beaker sized ideas to small production runs. Using a  more detail...

Great Vintages Make Great Wines
Trennert Reserve McLaren Vale Shiraz 2012
Region: McLaren Vale
In world terms McLaren Vale is underrated or unknown, and by this I mean in comparison to regions like Bordeaux, exclusive enclaves of the Rhone Valley like Hermitage  more detail...

New Trial Bin From Parker
Trial Bin 656 South Australia Adelaidean Cabernet Grenache 2013
Region: Langhorne Creek, SA
Behind the Glug portfolio of wines sits hundreds of experiments and trials. Wine makers like Benjamin seek the best in what they do, meaning many creative ideas  more detail...

100% Barossa At Bargain Price
Trial Bin 667 Barossa Valley Red Blend 2016
Region: Barossa Valley
Benjamin is now working his way through the remarkable hoard of varietal wines purchased from a boutique local winery. After they are sorted and graded he then  more detail...

Trial Bin 809 South Australia Cabernedro 2013/2017
Region: SA
Trials Bins continue because when they work they deliver customers better value wines. Recall winemaker Parker is working with a parcel of the Barossa Valley Bonvedro which is  more detail...

Trial Bin 879 South Australia Dry Red Blend 2013
Region: South Australia
Blending Trials never stop at a winery. The difference with Glug is that if Benjamin believes it is of interest to customers he will then have 20 cases bottled. Part  more detail...

Trial Bin 909 Classic Dry Red Non Vintage
Region: South Australia
The winemakers have been boasting about this wine. The object was to make the best wine at the lowest price. The great Max Schubert used to delight me with his  more detail...

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