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Result from Decade with Durif
Farmers & Growers 'The Smithy' South Australia Shiraz Durif 2018
Region: South Australia
Glug is a boutique winemaker yet unusually has the strong belief that making good, day to day wines is as important as striving to making the best wines we can  more detail...

Exciting Second Release
Farmers and Growers 'Wheatsheaf' South Australia Dry Red NV
Region: Barossa Valley
The first Wheatsheaf was a Shiraz Cabernet 2008 and the brand comes and goes as we find suitable wine. If you still have past vintages you will be pleasantly  more detail...

100% Glug Style Rich and Deep
Glug 'Sail Away' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015
Region: Barossa Valley

According to Benjamin this Shiraz is a smidgen off the Glug Reserve grade. Oh how we look back on those wonderful 2015 and 2016 vintages.

The 2017 was  more detail...

Sit Back Let the Pleasure Take Over
Glug 'The Barracuda' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Settling in the Barossa Valley in 2004 was the correct move as the beauty of the wines, vintage after vintage, confirms we are not wasting our energies. Max Schubert at Penfolds long ago proved this  more detail...

Magnificent Rich and Thickly Flavoured
Glug 'The Black Rider' Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2018
Region:Barossa Valley
The desire to make a premium Barossa Valley Durif has been ticking away in Benjamin's mind for at least a decade.

Durif has been included in many blends over  more detail...

Fragrant Soft Pure Expression Of Fruit
Glug 'The Cannibal' Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2019
Region: Barossa Valley
I live in Vine Vale and the vineyard which grows this Cabernet is just down the road close to the turn-off to the old town of Angaston. The grower is special as he  more detail...

From Rioja Spain To Barossa Valley
Glug 'The Dandy' Barossa Valley Graciano 2017
Region: Barossa Valley
A climate, similar to the Barossa is that of Rioja, Spain. It is natural then to plant varieties indigenous to this region in the Barossa Valley, and a few growers  more detail...

Wonderful Complex Lots Happening
Glug 'The Elder' Barossa Valley Aglianico 2017
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
I have been tasting Aglianico for years and found my interest kept growing. I also follow the advice I give to others which is- when approaching a new variety  more detail...

Last Stocks from Great Vintage
Glug 'The Patsy' Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2015
Region: Barossa Valley
The last stocks of our 2015 reds are being bottled and ‘The Patsy’ was a special bottling to celebrate Barossa pioneers who specialised in blending Shiraz and  more detail...

Orlando Cabernets of the 1950s Reborn
Glug 'The Rainbow Suit' Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
The growth of the Australian table wine industry since the 1960s reads like a wonder story.

Cabernet was one of two major varieties (Chardonnay the other) in short supply when the table wine  more detail...

Younger Can be Better - Try One
Glug 'The River' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2019
Moving to the Barossa Valley in 2004 has been the correct move with one of the many benefits being attuning to the moods of nature since you quickly understand how this flows rapidly back to the  more detail...

What A Wonderful Drink
Glug 'The Rockery' Barossa Valley Pinot Noir 2019
Region: Barossa Valley
The great test with wine is being passed a glass with no clues offered and being asked an opinion. As soon as you say ‘can you give me a clue’ the trouble  more detail...
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Exciting Inspiring Blend from the Past
Glug 'The Sandman' Barossa Valley Shiraz Pinot Noir 2019
Region: Barossa Valley
Shiraz blended with Pinot works because Pinot tempers the Shiraz while giving it fragrant energetic lift. Pinot punches up the back palate giving the wine a juicy  more detail...
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Please email us and we will let you know if we are able to restock.
Continuing Our Mataro Mission 2004-2021
Glug 'The Third Apostle' Barossa Valley Mataro 2019
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia
From day one of our arrival in the Barossa Valley in 2004 we knew we wanted to be heavily involved with making Mataro. We have since made many wines  more detail...

Italian in the Eden Valley
Glug 'The Zazzerino' Eden Valley Montepulciano 2018 (15.2%)
Region: Eden Valley
This wine gives me joy though it is an Italian variety, from the cool Eden Valley so while high in alcohol and ripe, it is medium bodied and is not remotely like the  more detail...

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