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Village Belle Barossa Valley Grenache 2016
Bringing Heritage Varieties To Your Home
Village Belle Barossa Valley Grenache 2016

Region: Barossa Valley

Any winemaker worth a penny surely wants to be part of the push to alert customers to the haunting flavours of Grenache.

The heritage varieties of the Barossa are Shiraz, Grenache and Mataro and while Shiraz needs no help, blends of the three known as GSM’s have won flavour, while Mataro props up many reds, there is no doubt Grenache needs a promotional hand. Yet some of the Worlds most adored and expensive wines, those of Chateauneuf du Pape, Rhone Valley, France are made from Grenache and the best can sell for $100s per bottle.

It does make you ask, what are we doing wrong with our marketing. From day one Benjamin and I embraced a project to offer a wide range of Barossa Grenache and Mataro wines and blends and to this point with limited success.

Undaunted we push ahead as an advanced Grenache which emphasises the fruit more than wine making techniques is ideal for the concept of Village Belle. Fresh, vibrant, fruit first wines with the depth of flavour being generated by what nature provided is what you will discover.

Price: $10.99

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