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Absolute Knock-Out
Albion Hills Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2021
Region:Langhorne Creek, South Australia

Benjamin and his offsider know what they want and how to create it. So, these days I keep my views to myself on how to make wine and which  more detail...

We Could Not Resist Purchase - So So Good
Auld & Burton Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

At long last customers, Australia wide, are warming to the correct flavours of Barossa Valley Cabernet.

Since arriving in the Barossa in  more detail...
Only 11 bottle(s) left in stock


Ripeness with Balance Are What We Seek
Auld & Burton McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

The uniqueness of McLaren Vale comes from the ocean frontage and the inland heat flowing in from beyond the Adelaide Hills. The story of the wines  more detail...

Fabulous Drink Full of Goodness
Bagot Station Barossa Valley Cabernet Merlot 2016
Observing the buying preferences of customers for decades teaches retailers that many red drinkers like full bodied, yet softer wines that display ripe flavours. This is also the preference of Glug  more detail...

Classical Full Ripe Flavours
Bagot Station Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

A wine should deliver on its promise which in this case is the origin, the Barossa valley.

That word on the label says to consumers  more detail...

Trapping the Troll of Kaiser Stuhl
Region:Barossa Valley

The 2021 release of Barbarossa is dense, it's black, it's 14.9% alcohol and I can give you no other information, except it is Barossa Valley, exactly  more detail...
Sold Out

Please email us and we will let you know if we are able to restock.
Exceptional Vintage High Rating
Bengalee Barossa Valley Mataro 2020
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

The warmer, dusty regions of Europe are the origin of Mataro though in a continent used to drinking coolish climate wines, Mataro at best only  more detail...

Top Vintage Cellaring Potential
Bengalee Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

When I have the privilege of tasting a vertical sequence of quality Barossa reds two things stand out. The remarkable quality making them a  more detail...

Sensational New Bush Telegraph
Borderland Estate 'Bush Telegraph' South Australia Shiraz Cabernet 2018
Region: South Australia
Shiraz is one of the heritage varieties of Australia and we now know we have clones that were wiped out in France by the Phylloxera plague of the 1880s. These rare  more detail...

Big Colour Plum Flavour
Brutus Barossa Valley Shiraz Durif 2017
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

The idea of Glug was to bring together many threads about the wine business, one being to become producers. Not only to make wines from the  more detail...

Best of Breed from South of Adelaide
Colton & Hewett McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

At Glug we refer to the old mountain range that overlooks Adelaide as the Adelaidean Mount Lofty Range. Sited along its 300-kilometre length are  more detail...

Remarkable Rich Complex Matching the Barossa
Colton & Hewett McLaren Vale Mataro 2016
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

Mataro or Mourvedre arrived in Australia as part of James Busbys European collection of the 1830s.

There are two Spanish towns Mataro and  more detail...

Australia is Blessed - Try This!
Colton & Hewett McLaren Vale Shiraz 2018
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

Those writing about our wines lack a sophisticated approach. Books are written about small districts dotted along the Rhone Valley yet we have not  more detail...

In Praise of Barossa Mataro
Crayford Barossa Valley Mataro 2019
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

It is right to bring new or alternative varieties to Australia and it also makes sense to praise what we have grown for 150 years. Mataro makes  more detail...

Good Vintage A Sleeper
Crayford Barossa Valley Shiraz 2018
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia
This is the best Crayford Shiraz we have made. The first Crayford was the 2007, a Shiraz Mataro though we have not repeated this blend for many  more detail...

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