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Lately new wines are being bottled every week and I find this very exciting as the quality and flavour goes above and beyond the price you pay. I encourage you to grab your chances as they pass, inspect our New Release Wines today. David Farmer

Saturday 14th March 2020
Starting with the price of good quality Riverland grapes and adding the cost of wine-making, distributing and retailing then adding the tax surcharges of WET and GST tells us that a bottle in a shop will cost you at least $5. .. more...
Friday 13th March 2020
Up till 1975 the retail price of wine was set by the producer, so all shops sold at the same price. This changed but producers then tried other methods to coerce retailers to agree to a common price. Later brand power waned and with 2000 plus local producers, prices are now set by the retailer; while looking to the producer for a nod. So, who then decides what a wine is actually worth. .. more...
Wednesday 11th March 2020
To discover wines that are so good and so cheap that they create buying panic is the dream of every retailer. I was retailing when the madness of the Port collectors of the early 1980s took hold, yet the Ports were for collecting not drinking. Retailers try to create panic buying with hyperbole about the wine quality and extravagant discounts. .. more...

Refining The Kitchen Red
Region: South Australia
To make tasty, bargain reds is the ultimate challenge; a challenge I add that all but one small winery avoid. For this Chapmans, blending vintages was necessary to lift the taste closer to what we seek, hence the NV for non-vintage. The model we use when making our ‘daily reds’ is the greatest wine bargain  more detail...
Lifting The Bar Again
Region: South Australia
Benjamin and his team, the team being one to three depending on the day, gain great satisfaction in making down to earth, value reds. The models are the first Jacobs Creek 1973 and the first Penfolds Koonunga Hill 1976. Both were big hitters, exceptional at the time, and with this firm inspiration Benjamin  more detail...
Incredibly Small Crop - Tight Bunches
Region: Barossa Valley
With the 2019 vintage of Harem we return to where we started as the first Rosita, the 2009, was made from Mataro with Grenache. Ten years on the Grenache is predominant yet all else is the same, such as a bone dry ferment. We have no doubt that Barossa Valley Rose made from heritage varieties has a significant  more detail...
'We welcome any customer but you will enjoy the best of Glug if you like to see what nature brings. We make small batch lots, hence no two wines will be the same, as we are happiest when preserving the differences of wines. What we do best is buying at the farm gate and challenging our customers just a little with the many small variations we discover and create in our winemaking.'
Barossa-Like Flavours Means Value
Region: Langhorne Creek, SA
We often describe Langhorne Creek to overseas visitors as producing reds that have the full ripeness of the Barossa Valley and the fruit sweetness this gives, with the addition of fragrant aromas and flavours that come from a nearness to the Southern Ocean and Lake Alexandrina.

The beauty of the  more detail...
Result From A Decade With Durif
Region: South Australia
Glug is a boutique winemaker yet unusually has the strong belief that making good, day to day wines is as important as striving to making the best wines we can from the best fruit. We were around when the large makers used their enormous in-house expertise to make impressive budget wines like the Jacobs Creek  more detail...
Exciting New Release
Region: Barossa Valley
When I began selling wine in 1975 it was not easy to locate and thus stock a range of 100% Barossa Valley Shiraz. The Barossa was a centre for wine production for large companies, Seppelts, Penfolds, Hardys, Yalumba, Gramps -Orlando, Kaiser Stuhl and others a bit smaller like Saltrams, Tollana and later Peter  more detail...

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