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Lately new wines are being bottled every week and I find this very exciting as the quality and flavour goes above and beyond the price you pay. I encourage you to grab your chances as they pass, inspect our New Release Wines today. David Farmer

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New wines released very week at
Unbeatable Glug prices.

First Release was the 2011
Region:Eden Valley, South Australia

Fabulous Shiraz with great depth of flavour and complex flavours which enrich the mouth feel.

The large region of Eden Valley adjoins the Barossa Valley and extends eastward and south where the Eden merges into the Adelaide Hills district. Great wines come from the Eden Valley, the home of  more detail...
Classical Full Ripe Flavours
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

A wine should deliver on its promise which in this case is the origin, the Barossa valley.

That word on the label says to consumers expect full, rich, ripe flavours with plenty of impact across the palate. Indeed this aspect over-rides the other name on the label, Cabernet Sauvignon.  more detail...
We Could Not Resist Purchase - So So Good
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

At long last customers, Australia wide, are warming to the correct flavours of Barossa Valley Cabernet.

Since arriving in the Barossa in 2004 we have been wary of investing too heavily in Barossa Cabernet as this variety is recognised more as being from Coonawarra and Margaret River.  more detail...
Ripeness with Balance Are What We Seek
Region:McLaren Vale, South Australia

The uniqueness of McLaren Vale comes from the ocean frontage and the inland heat flowing in from beyond the Adelaide Hills. The story of the wines is how the two climates, cool and warm, interact each vintage across the gently sloping vineyards of McLaren Vale.

There are many fine  more detail...
All You Can Wish of the Barossa
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

To understand Barossa wines and its most famous variety Shiraz you need to appreciate the uniqueness of the location.

Pretty well all other vineyard regions across the globe are similar to several other locations and all things being equal the wines will taste the same. They vary of  more detail...
Last Barossa Red was the 2011
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

With so many Barossa wines available today it may seem surprising that back in the 1970s it was difficult to buy 100% Barossa Valley reds.

The Barossa was the production centre for many of the large heritage companies such as Penfolds, Orlando, Seppelts and Yalumba and they were  more detail...
Northern Barossa Full-bodied Rich Ripe
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

What is it about Barossa Valley reds that makes them so satisfying?

For me it has always been the weight of flavour, the feature that makes warm climate reds, so popular with Australian drinkers. As long as the flavours are in balance, they will be soft and assured and this is achieved  more detail...
Top Vintage Substantial and Powerful
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

Most varieties ripen over a wide climate range and why wine-writers are fixated with claiming there is a narrow band within which a variety attains maximum flavour continually annoys me.

Barossa Cabernet is a delightful wine, the equal of those from cooler more maritime climates. Let us  more detail...
Expanding the Barossa Valley Future
Region:Barossa Valley, South Australia

The future of the Barossa Valley as global leader in making premium warm climate wine styles is assured. This will be enhanced though by creating reasons for customers to extend purchases beyond Shiraz.

The obvious direction to go is alerting customers to the beauty of the heritage  more detail...
'We welcome any customer but you will enjoy the best of Glug if you like to see what nature brings. We make small batch lots, hence no two wines will be the same, as we are happiest when preserving the differences of wines. What we do best is buying at the farm gate and challenging our customers just a little with the many small variations we discover and create in our winemaking.'

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