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Summer Heat and Cooling Breezes Make the Difference

An Affront to the French
Attributed to: Louis, Jean
Source: From The Observer, June 25Th, 2006. From an article titled; An unforgivable affront to French civilisation by Agnes Poirier. The quote is by her friend Jean-Louis.
Contributed by: Anon

"... But this is insane! It will never happen; we'll never accept it. What a preposterous idea. Wines are made of different kinds of grapes, rarely just one. What matters is where it comes from and who produced it. I would never dream of offering my guests a glass of 'cabernet sauvignon'; it doesn't mean anything ...

Simplify labeling? Bordeaux wines have the simplest labeling system in the world! There are 11,600 chateaux in Bordeaux and each produces one kind of wine: you like it or you don't. Easy, non?"


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