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Smashing Tumbleweed and Red Barn

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Boldness in Winemaking Delivers Great Reward
Borderland Estates 'Tumbleweed' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013

Region: South Australia
I can now place myself in the category that it's never too old to learn. Not only has the business matured but so has the winemaker Benjamin and coming up fast is Greg the assistant winemaker.

Spending 2015 and 2016 pondering how to make better value Big Red specials has turned up some new ideas. It shows in this Borderland though of great help is a special parcel of red we purchased from a grower down in Langhorne Creek which sits in the background.

We find you can make tasty interesting wines and sell at great prices if the volumes are small though we feel for those who have to gear up and make say 100,000 cases as you have to turn to the Riverland to get the base volume making the job very hard.

You will discover good value in the Tumbleweed though its place is to be part of your regular drinking.


Full Flavours Returns with Second Bottling
P.B. Burgoyne Barossa Valley Shiraz (Second Bottling) 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
I have to go back to 2012 to find the last time we sold a Barossa Valley Shiraz of this quality at this price. Indeed this Burgoyne is all we like and look for in a wine.
The origin is the most sought after region in Australia - the Barossa Valley, the grapes were grown by well-known farmers, the wine maker Benjamin Parker prepared the wine for bottling which is a critical job and we supervised the bottling locally.
The wine was not made by us but on the bench against comparable samples this wine stood out as a grade above the others the and as you do we pulled the sample forward. The transaction was done and here it is released under the wine-merchant label of P B Burgoyne.
Burgoyne commenced business in 1871 as a UK importer of Australian wines and strode like a colossus across our landscape.
We hope he is pleased with our efforts and I am certain customers will be. At this introductory price this should become the bread and butter red yet with the knowledge you are drinking a very high grade. This is what we are good at and is very close to our ideal of vineyard, grower, maker.


Glug Classic Goes Back Many Years
Telegraph Road South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013

Region: South Australia
This is a fine effort by the winemaker Benjamin Parker and is the best Telegraph we have yet offered. The base comes from blends Early Telegraphs date back to 2006 though the first of the Telegraph Roads was a 2009 vintage.

Back in my shop retailing days I was the first to see the appeal in richly flavoured, bargain priced reds and did much to build consumer awareness for Penfolds Koonunga Hill, Yalumba Galway Claret and many, many others. Thus we put a lot of effort into these styles of wines and now that Benjamin Parker is the winemaker in charge they are getting better and better.

We discovered a Cabernet, made by a famous winemaker with vast Coonawarra experience, several months ago and found it blended nicely with our stocks. On the tasting bench the wine stood out and was instantly pulled forward-as you do, (poor wines are pushed back). The focus then is on the blend which is from many premium regions but all South Australian with a high percentage from Langhorne Creek. The result is excellent. Rated 10/10 on my value for money index.


Boldness in Winemaking Delivers Great Reward
Trial Bin 576 South Australia Cabernedro 2013 and 2016

Region: South Australia
Boldness will not come from dusting off old ways of winemaking or pretending to make natural wines but from rethinking how to get a good drink to the customer while lowering the price.
Today I release a brilliant effort from the winemaker Benjamin Parker which shows what is possible.
To a delightful base of 2013 South Australian Cabernet all from premium regions including the Barossa he has added a large chunk of 100% Barossa Valley Bonvedro 2016. The result is sensational as is the price of $65.
Boldness, directed where is should be, at the customer and without waffle.
We have been trialling ideas which lower prices for 18 months now, the Trial Bin Range, so you may drink better for less. We are not motivated as young turks are to be awarded ‘Young Gun Winemaker of the Year’ as we have ‘been there done that’. The real adventure is to rethink the whole world of wine from the ground up. Grab a box and see how we are going.


Many Experiments Produce Wonderful Trial
Trial Bin 596 South Australia Dry Red Blend NV

Region: South Australia
Recall that we bottle many of our own wines which means Trials and Experiments have moved from large beaker sized ideas to small production runs. Using a professional bottling hall means you must commit to hundreds of cases and that stops dead anything that was not seen as a 100% certainty to sell.

This stifles creativity and many lovely wines I’m certain you would enjoy were never made. We bottled 30 cases of this Trial Bin 596 which blends two vintages to make a better taste but keeps the price low.

I call then kitchen reds; you sip these while preparing a meal. The spirit of change lives at Glug so each of these Trials is different but note they are all warm climate reds so flavor comes first. When we make a cool climate red you will be informed. The Bin 596 is a bargain at the opening price so a limit of one case per order - thanks.


SA Reds Selection

Glug South Australian All Red Selection Series 1

Before late 2015 many of the experiments and special parcels made by the wine makers were blended away. Steadily through 2016 even tiny amounts were bottled and this process accelerated when we began our own in-house bottling from September, 2016. It is wines such as these which make up the South Australian Selections Series No 1. The winemakers place a great deal of effort into making what I call, kitchen reds, and this mix shows the results.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Big Savings on Big Red Mix!

Glug BIG RED Mix 17

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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