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Wednesday Specials
Two Exceptional Value for Money Whites

Rated 10/10 Farmers Index

No single person makes great wine. A collegiate approach from a great number of wine makers and scientists is what produces great wines.

Fabulous Discovery
Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Shiraz 2015

Region: Limestone Coast, SA
Princeland remembers part of our past as this was the proposed name for a new state between Victoria and South Australia. For Glug customers Princeland is about the fabulous value we find from the vast region that encompasses Coonawarra, Wrattonbully, Padthaway and another dozen or so districts.

A must for a serious consumer is to visit Coonawarra as it does have a hallowed feeling. The beauty of the reds of Coonawarra meant numerous other areas were planted with vines.

These of course do not have the same reputation as Coonawarra and we find beautiful, full bodied reds, in our view identical to Coonawarra can be purchased at low prices. For Shiraz you need to go to vineyards that are warmer thus we do not favour coastal regions. Padthaway and Bordertown, the limestone plateau east of Naracoorte, and a few other spots is where you find the Shiraz gold and at good prices.


Grenache Success from the Winemakers
Glug 'The Hipster' Barossa Valley Grenache 2017

Region:Barossa Valley, SA

A famous heritage variety at last gaining a following which allows further wine making attention so the wines get better again. Barossan first and Grenache second and all I can say is where have these Grenaches been all these decades. Well now they have arrived, and your drinking enjoyment will expand by including Barossa Grenache at the table.

They were occasionally made by larger companies but did not develop a following at the scale they sort. It seems specialist varieties need to be embraced and grow among a small school of enthusiasts who do the encouragement to other drinkers. We are believers at Glug and urge on those who are fascinated with this variety.

It is worth remembering that the very expensive French wines from Chateauneuf du Pape are made from Grenache and those we offer are far better value for money. Frankly they are better wines.


Outstanding Weekend Bargain
Cleanskin Port Lincoln South Australia Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016

Region: Port Lincoln, SA
I was last on the Eyre Peninsula in 2010 and like the pioneer wineries I soon recognised that it was indeed an excellent location for vineyards, best towards the wetter end near Port Lincoln.

A look at the climate records suggest it is a bit cooler then McLaren Vale but not as cool as Kangaroo island so its good country for Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon made in the style of Margaret River SSB’s.

Of the stock Benjamin purchased this is the obvious wine to recommend as it has such widespread appeal. Has all the right flavours and cannot think of any similar style as good at this price.


Exceptional Line and Length
Donnybrook Clare Valley Riesling 2018

Region: Clare Valley, SA
One of the first wines we purchased upon arrival in the Barossa Valley back in 2004 was a cleanskin Clare Valley Riesling. It was a fair wine, cheap enough but the reason I bring this up is to ask; of all the wines we could purchase, why begin with a Riesling?

After-all in the last 40 years Riesling has not gained much market share. I think this is another example of merchants buying wines they like rather than the majority of customers prefer. Well we continued and our Rieslings have evolved over the last three vintages into a range of very affordable and beautiful wines.

And Glug customers who are largely red customers are buying the odd case. Here is the sixth release of the Donnybrook from the Clare Valley.


Drinking Well At Little Cost
Borderland Estates 'Flocking Galloots' Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA
Benjamin on a recent buying trip discovered a cache of Adelaide Hills Chardonnay and purchased the lot. Time and time again our purchases of gold quality wines come about for the same reason. Wineries like to get rewarded for well-made wines and refuse offers which are too low. This may work to their advantage though as time ticks by the selling job gets a little harder.

When you have in stock the 2017 vintage and a bumper 2018 harvest the time has arrived to get what you can for the older vintages. Yet consider this; wines are stored in stainless steel tanks at low temperature and are held in suspended animation, with changes being very slow.

Thus in-effect Benjamin has purchased a collection of Chardonnays at one third the price of the 2018s. This is what wine merchants do. The wines are shipped to the winery, tested and bottled under stelvin caps which also slows ageing. This is how wonderful bargains are created.


100% Barossa at Bargain Price
Bagot Station 'Captain's Table' Blend Barossa Valley 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
Benjamin has pulled off a triumph and purchased a cache of lovely reds from a local winery. Recall that small boutique wineries charge a lot more than Glug and whether the wines are better is best left to customers to decide.

If though you charge $25 or $30 a bottle you cannot dud customers and most do not. The wines Ben purchased were not at the level to justify a $30 price so we purchased the lot.

Then a stuff up at our end as about 20 boxes have the old Bagot label which sold out back in June. This wine is a 2016 and a blend of Barossa Valley Mataro, Grenache and Cabernet and the labels have been altered by hand plus I have lowered the price to quit levels. Years back when this happened we used to soak labels off and that’s all too hard. Thanks for helping out.


Fabulous Barossa Field Blend
Light & Finniss Barossa Valley Classic Dry White 2018

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Barossa Valley makes the all time best Roses and has a long history of fabulous whites. For example, who will forget the wonderful Orlando Riesling 1953 and the subsequent John Vickery Barossa Rieslings. Many Trophies have been awarded to Semillons and other varieties.

Yet this is the time of cool climate whites and New Zealand and a pall has fallen across the Barossa. To this wine merchant this spells bargain time and that is what is offered with this Light and Finniss.

This is a Benjamin discovery and part of the stock purchased from a local winery. The blend is Chardonnay and Semillon and three other varieties plus we have added in Glug stocks to lift the palate and worth calling a field blend.


Amazing Red Lunch To Late
Glug 'The Italian Job II' Barossa Valley Montepulciano 2017

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

I have moved my view of this wine from ‘how interesting’ when first tried into the better category of ‘very good indeed’. Benjamin has been playing around with a batch of unusual Barossa varities in his endless quest to make interesting to great wines. The story I have been told is that Greg Liebelt went to a local winery to pick up some recent purchases which were in barrel.

He says that inadvertently he also hoisted two barrels of this fine Montepulciano onto the truck. Later noting the error they rang the winemaker who said for all the trouble he would sell one barrel, and thus this wine became known as the Italian job. It was duly bottled for the February tasting and not being around I had no idea of its existence till much later.

The variety is one of the dozen or so new plantings that are being adapted to the Barossa. I like the wine and while new things are hard to introduce I hope it has a future. Full flavoured but in that Italian way, so it does it for me for that late lunch.


Explore our Rich Reds

Glug 'Exploring the Full Flavoured Reds of SA' Mix 4

The reds of South Australia are very special. The reason is the geography of the premium vineyard regions means the climate is a balance between cooling and ripening in a way which is not found anywhere else on the globe. The bunches of grapes are pulled towards the coolness of the Great Southern Mega Ocean which slows flavour development, which can alter quickly by the intense, inland, heat flowing in from the baking, red centre. It is this balance, constantly tilting, which makes complex, intense, interesting flavours which are best referred to as warm flavoured reds. Though a grower in Coonawarra may well disagree.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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