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Great wine is everywhere, made possible by human ingenuity, so get out and explore the wines of the world.

100% Barossa at Bargain Price
Bagot Station 'Captain's Table' Blend Barossa Valley 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
Benjamin has pulled off a triumph and purchased a cache of lovely reds from a local winery. Recall that small boutique wineries charge a lot more than Glug and whether the wines are better is best left to customers to decide.

If though you charge $25 or $30 a bottle you cannot dud customers and most do not. The wines Ben purchased were not at the level to justify a $30 price so we purchased the lot.

Then a stuff up at our end as about 20 boxes have the old Bagot label which sold out back in June. This wine is a 2016 and a blend of Barossa Valley Mataro, Grenache and Cabernet and the labels have been altered by hand plus I have lowered the price to quit levels. Years back when this happened we used to soak labels off and that’s all too hard. Thanks for helping out.


Youthful Will Develop
Bin 631 Barossa Valley Shiraz 2017

Region:Barossa Valley
To be honest this needs more time.

It should have been left in barrel for another 18 months but here it is so squash a case in the coolest part of the house and leave.

With that said more wine has been ruined by cellaring than has ever been turned into a delight and I doubt if 10% comes out with mature tastes which are better than the tastes of youth.

You know what to expect so please keep your hands off this Shiraz for as long as you can.


Proper Pale Fragrant Barossa Rose
Langdorf 'Kaldukee' Barossa Valley Rose 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Wine begins as confusing and ends up simple. I’m now at the simple stage. If it tastes good and the price is right I will enjoy it.
Everything else makes little sense and its only how long the journey takes you, that will be the issue. Which brings me to Barossa Valley rose. I have been attracted to the style for many decades but found few that fitted my expansive viewpoint which has a narrow definition. In a nutshell the wines were too sweet and too expensive.
The Barossa Valley was also used for many decades to make popular styles like Kaiser Stuhl Gold Medal Rose and in the process the craftsmanship got lost. Its back with a wine like the Kaldukee which was made from the best Cinsault and Grenache to offer a point of difference.
Note this is not like a chilled white with a bit of pink colouring, it’s the real deal and worth every penny. To hammer home the simple point we are not interested in making a coloured, crisp, cold alternative to sauvignon blanc but an alternative taste without much skin contact-though the wine should be served chilled.


Perfection with Rare Variety
Village Belle Barossa Valley Cinsault 2017

Region: Barossa Valley

We use the term ‘new varietals’ for recent plantings of unfamiliar varieties which have only recently been planted in Australia though in the country of origin may have been cultivated for +1000 years. Cinsault though is an example of a variety which has been growing in Australia for likely over a century and has simply been overlooked in the rush to market Shiraz and Cabernet.

As the wine business in Australia matures this allows the more adventurous wine-makers to make small quantities of these lesser known varieties, both to discover what they taste like but also offer them to a wider though generally a specialised group of customers.

The Village Belle series of wines is where Benjamin offers up the best of these wonderous and quite delicious wines. Being a Barossan this is a ripe warm red but the texture is different to a Shiraz in being flamboyant and chewy not fat and meaty.

The aroma is also fragrant and perfumed. The alcohol is the same as other Barossa reds but the wine appears softer on the palate. A welcome surprise.


Camel Appears Down on the Farm
Restless Farm 'The Camel' Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region: Coonawarra, SA
The Restless Farm wines accentuate the richness and ripeness of the grape and would be referred to as fruit forward.

Deep colours and explosions of flavour is what the winemaker harnesses. So less or no emphasis on derived flavours from say, early picking across to maturing in new oak or allowing much secondary development.

Its all about the fruit of the vine. The Restless Farm wines come from all of the premium regions of South Australia and are made in the same-fruit first manner.

An odd menagerie accumulates down on the Farm and you will discover, The Goose, The Bunny, The Pig, The Goat and many others. The wines though are deadly serious but made for your enjoyment.


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