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Weekend Bargains

'Repeat Your Winners’
The Best of August this 33rd Weekend

The warm climate reds of South Australia have predictable agreeable flavours but keep stepping outside.

Great Bargains are Discovered Across the Limestone Coast
Kincraig Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region:Limestone Coast, SA

I must praise the winemakers for these Kincraig triumphs. These great wines capture the maritime weather of the Limestone Coast.

The Limestone Coast is a low lying coastal flat with only gentle rises thus the cooling winds of the Great Southern Ocean can blow well inland, even to the northern boundary of this unusual vineyard region. Plantings at Padthaway are now over 50 years old and being a northern location is warmer and thus ideally suited to Shiraz.

The Kincraig Cabernet came from a cooler vineyard closer to the coast. And you may be interested in the name Kincraig which is the early name for the inland town of Naracoorte. Years ago we released a 2013 Wrattonbully Cabernet under the Kincraig brand but only recently again found the wines we wanted.

The sources for Kincraig can be: Coonawarra, Padthaway, Bordertown, Robe-Mount Benson, Wrattonbully and all point between.


Fabulous Vintage Delivers Pleasure
Light & Finniss South Australia Adelaidean Dry Red Blend 2012

Region: South Australia
Small parcels of back vintage wine exist in many wineries. Wineries are good housekeepers and these lots are well looked after.

At some time though they must be sold and thankfully we get a few of the right calls. Benjamin has done a wonderful job with this base, and recall we purchased way too much of this vintage, so we had several interesting varieties to add to the final blend.

Lastly and ‘please forgive us’ if you are the ultimate purist the final blend was freshened with younger Barossa wine. The Adelaidean concept first appeared in 2015 as we wanted a large multi-district regional name which would allow us to blend wines from premium places like the Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Langhorne Creek.

Thus Adelaidean-Mount Lofty wines come from the continuous range which extends 350 kilometres from the Southern Flinders to Kangaroo Island.


Very Special Worthy of a Higher Score
Langdorf Kaldukee Barossa Valley Semillon 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Some wines I can drink regularly, night after night. This Kaldukee is one of these and as such I find ‘it passes my case test’. Semillon makes interesting wines in cool climates but also in warm climates which is a not a common feature for white varieties. Those that depend on aromatic pungency, such as Sauvignon blanc lose much of this power or appeal in a warm region.

Semillon to me has always been a textural variety, it has ample flavour but also mouth-feel and palate weight. The crisp characters it shows in a cool climate means it blends well with sauvignon blanc which adds the unusual aroma and lifted pungency of that variety.

It may though be better from a warm region as shown by the characters of the Hunter Valley and the many Trophy and gold medal winners that have come from the Barossa Valley. A beautiful wine, balanced, with ample favourite though no need to rush as it will last for years.


Trials Mean Advances Never Stop
Trial Bin W157 Adelaidean-Mount Lofty Range Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2016

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA
A small advance for Glug was installing, in mid 2017, a micro bottling machine. This means we can bottle single barrels and experiments that work. The latter I call Trial Bins and Benjamin has conducted a vast number of blending trials over many years, forever searching for the best result. I find it gratifying that now, a few of his fine achievements, can be offered to customers. Naturally the Trial Bins are limited in cases but Glug customers are very aware of the oddness of this business. The GI region called the Adelaide Hills covers a large area and while it is all good the choice area is higher which is perfect for white varieties. This Trial comes partly from this core region but as with our reds judicious additions make a more complex and satisfying wine. This is a great purchase for students of the ways of Glug.


Happy Hunting Ground for Big Red Bargains
Oakley Adams Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
In the mid-1990s selling wines from Langhorne creek was simply too hard. As retailers we tried, never gave up, but moved on to other regions. For a long time I doubt that the region registered a heart-beat, yet this was not because of quality, simply the difficulty of motivating enough customers to get sales moving.

Thus when we arrived in South Australia in 2004 we headed straight to Langhorne Creek; as being unrecognized, rather than unpopular, meant it was where the bargains would be found.

A guiding principle of Glug is to buy great wine no matter what the origin or the variety as that is finally what customers will also embrace-and as often noted we are contrarians. In the eyes of customers Langhorne Creek has moved up a notch and now you have to fight hard for the best reds (whites are still cheap). Thank-fully Benjamin has come up trumps with a wonderful, full bodied, very Langhorne Creek Shiraz , at the right price.


Wonderful Mix of Freshness and Complexity
Princeland Watch Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region: Limestone Coast, SA

The south-eastern corner of South Australia is known as the Limestone Coast. It extends from the Victorian border west to the mouth of the Murray River. I know the country well and the beaches on a warm, gentle day are paradise. Mostly though the winds from the great mega Southern Ocean sweep this country and lets just say it is bracing.

The attraction for vineyards is this cooling aspect and a range of interesting wines come from Robe-Mount Benson, Mount Gambier and more famous regions like Coonawarra and Padthaway.

We find very good value in the reds offered from this region and these we hold in mature oak and when stocks have built make a blend which is released under the Princeland brand. We have been pleased with our last few releases and again strongly recommend the 2015 as you get a lot of complex flavours for a modest price.


Great Vintage Great Prospects
Langdorf Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Every ripening cycle of the grapes is different. This leads to vintage charts as they provide numbers to measure what nature has given the fruit. In cold climates a good rule of thumb is that a warmer season makes more interesting wines than a season when it is harder to ripen the grapes.

In a warm to hot climate like the Barossa Valley getting a ripe crop is not the problem yet striking seasonal differences occur between wines even when we see one summer much like another. These differences though are not so pronounced that you would prefer one over another, rather they are complex differences which are apparent when comparing wines.

Thus I like 2013, 2014 and 2015 and do not favour one over the other though I like the additional ripening time evident in our 2015s. The same vineyards give different results so if you are collecting the Langdorfs keep the sequence going as they strike me as getting richer the younger the vintage; at least in this part of the weather cycle.

At this stage the 2015 is a warm rich wine though cellaring will bring benefits suggesting others from our range are better at this moment.


Wonderful Mix of Freshness and Complexity
Salem Valley Estates Barossa Valley Semillon Chardonnay 2016

Region: Barossa, SA
Semillon was planted in the Barossa Valley back in the 1880s and until recently was a part of any growers mix of varieties.

The variety makes interesting wines in cool and warm climates and has a claim to be called the white variety of the Barossa Valley For a time in the 1980s and 1990s Semillon was in great demand and growers were encouraged to plant more as brands such as Peter Lehmann were selling huge quantities.

It was not to be a good move as the growth of vineyards in other cooler regions and the rise of Marlborough, New Zealand, say sales plummet and they will never recover. For this reason vineyards across the valley are replanting with red varieties which will have an endless future. Still the wines are very good indeed and being hard to sell means prices are low.

At Glug we always buy good wine when it is offered on favourable terms and to this excellent base Benjamin has added a wonderful complex, delicate Chardonnay and the two complement each other well.


Plush and Ripe
Borderland Estates 'Bush Telegraph' South Australia Classic Dry Red 2013

Region: South Australia
I believe all who drink wine have admiration for those who labour hard to make the greatest wines, some of which sell for $1000 a bottle. You may even envy those who can afford such wines. Back in the day to day world over 30% of wine is sold in casks and much of this is very good.

In-between these two extremes, yet under $12, is where we enjoy ourselves and spend a lot of time crafting wonderful tasty reds and whites. Large mistakes are made when wine is graded and then sold and we think we are particularly good at seeing what others miss.

At least one of the reasons is because we are prepared to buy many tiny amounts whereas a large business only deals in say 200,000 litre amounts. Smallness is good as it preserves the differences and every wine made is different to every other. This Borderland shows our strength which is to duplicate the boldness of a Barossa Shiraz for a much lower price.

You can’t of course but the art is to see how close you can go.


100% Barossa Valley - Guaranteed!

Glug 'It's All Barossa Valley - 100% Guaranteed' Mix

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Explore our Rich Reds

Glug 'Exploring the Full Flavoured Reds of SA' Mix 1

The reds of South Australia are very special. The reason is the geography of the premium vineyard regions means the climate is a balance between cooling and ripening in a way which is not found anywhere else on the globe. The bunches of grapes are pulled towards the coolness of the Great Southern Mega Ocean which slows flavour development, which can alter quickly by the intense, inland, heat flowing in from the baking, red centre. It is this balance, constantly tilting, which makes complex, intense, interesting flavours which are best referred to as warm flavoured reds. Though a grower in Coonawarra may well disagree. Any-way this is the first mix of a wonderful new selection.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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