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Old Price Three Brilliant Barossans

Change is happening this time from China which in 10 years has moved from taking 2% of
exports to 40%. This does not help Glug keep prices down.

No Place Like Home
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
This Kitts Shiraz is a great wine from a very special place, with winemaker Parker delivering far more than you would expect, or over-delivering as they say in the trade. Kitts Creek is in the far north of the Barossa Valley which is where the grapes also come from.
The creek in turn is named after the town of St Kitts which is on the northern lip of the valley, though the town is gone and the only residents live in the two, converted, original churches.
Many good wines come from this region and an example is Thorn Clarke, a company with extensive vineyards near St Kitts and they regularly pick up trophies and golds.
While the Barossa Valley is remarkably even it does rise from south to north over 100 metres and the extra heat of the north is balanced by the cooler evenings and at times cooling breezes from the west.
What determines the flavours in your wine is complicated but whatever the reasons we are indeed blessed to be able to buy great wines like this for keen prices.


Glorious Expression of Barossa and Talent
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Rose 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
A great even brilliant wine and I see it this way. The salesman notes growing rose sales and asks production to make one. Easy, add a bucket full of red wine to a tank of non-descript white wine and you are in business. If you wish to take rose seriously it must be planned at the start of harvest and this is what the winemakers have done with this Kitts Creek.
The variety used is Cinsault which is a large grape with a thin skin and makes attractive though lightish, coloured reds. One of the best wines we have sold was the Harem Barossa Valley Florita Rose 2013 about which I said, ‘where has this been all my life.’
This Kitts was made in that manner and is a striking wine of unblemished beauty and I think part of the advanced guard that are altering the direction of the Barossa.
The makers took grapes to make rose and were picked when they were perfect for rose, not as an after-thought. The result is a serious wine; pale off pink colour (no flouro colour); delicate complex aroma, no sweet, perfumed lolly like aromas; a textural palate, full of interesting, complex flavours, is very dry and finishes with length.


Mainstream Big Red Country
Kitts Creek Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Benjamin and Greg make a great team and have again produced an exciting variation on the theme of a full, rich red from the Northern Barossa.

In any vintage we make a fair bit of Barossa wine but we also buy in wines made by others. The two use these stocks to fit the flavour profiles of each of our brands.

Kitts Creek drains the very top end of the Barossa Valley and this region is higher, hotter and drier than for example the Southern Barossa. Indeed it is surprising the variability that the same varietry displays along the 35 kilometre length of the valley.

Thus they take wines we have sourced from this region to emphasise this difference. Blending the varieties Shiraz and Cabernet has a long history in Australia or should I say South Australia and such blends appeal to us from taste, value for money, and by offering a wide range of variations to customers. Still the Barossa is the Barossa and that taste over-rides varietal blends which become more of a additional complexing factor. This Kitts offers strong value for money.


Inspiration from Far Northern Barossa
Bagot Station Captains Table Barossa Valley Red Blend No 2 2012

Region: Barossa Valley
We buy small amounts of wine of many varieties from the recent and previous vintages. These are offered to us for many reasons; for example a small winery may only make a Shiraz and Cabernet but adds a small percentage of Mataro to both wines. After the wine is made there may be 200 litres of Mataro left over and then we will get a call.

As we make such a large range of wines such tiny amounts of very high quality are gold dust, as it makes well priced wines like the Bagots take on a shine. Captain Bagot owned the whole of the far north of the Barossa Valley and ran sheep and cattle and likely had a small winery operating in the 1860s.

Back then the red of the day would have been a vineyard blend of heritage varieties. I asked Benjamin to imagine this and make me his impression which I call the Captains Table red.


Heritage Blends from the 1860s

Heritage Blends from the 1860s (6 x 6)

Contains 6 bottles each of the following wines:
Glug 'The Calcutta' Barossa Valley Shiraz Grenache 2016
Glug 'The Switch' Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz 2016

These two wines are the cream of the Glug crop. A short term bargain has been created as we are using a readily printed Glug label while we solve more complex issues of printing our portfolio of mainstream brands. Both I see being released as Crayford or Kitts Creek which we sell at $9.99 day to day. For over a decade we have been releasing a range of Barossa Blends made from the three heritage varieties, Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz.

Shiraz has led the re-definition of the Barossa as production of fortified wines dwindled and finally died. The first experimental Penfolds Grange was a 1951 Barossa Shiraz and many companies followed. Even so when retailing even in the 1980s it was never easy to source well priced Barossa Shiraz, yet the demand existed. Mataro was often a background component in Barossa Shiraz though Grenache less so as creating rich wines with this variety had till then proved difficult. Even so blends of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro-GSMs-began appearing in cellar doors.

Others like Rockford and Veritas-Rolf Binder promoted Mataro. This trickle is now a surge and meant beautiful heritage wines are made each vintage. These two made by Benjamin Parker are outstanding examples.

Creative New Release from Parker
Bengalee Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

Region: Barossa Valley
A beautiful creation packed with all gods’ goodness as expressed in the rich, ripe, flavours of Shiraz when grown in the Barossa Valley.

The Barossa is special region being at the right latitude, at the best height above sea level, towards the edge of a vast continent but with a dampened ocean influence, while positioned on a vast continent which generates ample summer heat and all of this produces the magic which brings out the expressive ripeness of Shiraz in a way that no other region manages.

At its best these wines display a mid palate silky, ripe ‘fruit sweetness’ which is wonderfully appealing. At times fashion sweeps across the world of wine and many express silly opinions about wines being too alcoholic or showing cooked, plummy or prune like, jammy characters, implying that to enjoy then is so wrong.

I recall a grand meal in a Cambridge college on a bitterly cold evening in a room that needed more heat and I can say the great name Bordeaux did not shine while the Barossa Shiraz was so right. Ignore opinion and buy good wines that you will enjoy drinking and you have most puzzles solved.


SA Reds Selection

Glug South Australian All Red Selection Series 1

Before late 2015 many of the experiments and special parcels made by the wine makers were blended away. Steadily through 2016 even tiny amounts were bottled and this process accelerated when we began our own in-house bottling from September, 2016. It is wines such as these which make up the South Australian Selections Series No 1. The winemakers place a great deal of effort into making what I call, kitchen reds, and this mix shows the results.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Big Savings on Big Red Mix!

Glug BIG RED Mix 17

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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