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Two winemakers do all the work and release over 100 new wines each year.

Buy the Oakley Adams Because It's That Good

Superb Fine Flavours
Village Belle Barossa Valley Vermentino 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Benjamin found this exciting wine a few months ago and after many trials, most of which I tasted, it is satisfying to have it in bottle and for sale. Recall that the first commercial Chardonnay only made its appearance in the late 1970s. So if you have ever wondered where the other old European varieties, like Vermentino, with a history going back perhaps 1000 years, have been - well it takes time.
I have been drinking Vermentino on and off for 40 years mostly under Italian labels and always thought it had a future in Australia. You also have to bring customers along on the journey of discovery though Australian wine drinkers are now a pretty adventurous group, the reason why so many unfamiliar varieties are at last appearing in shops. Recall at Glug we have a simple ethos of buying good wine no matter what it is called as the rule is – close your eyes, have a sip, if it tastes good who cares what it is called.


Triumph of Adelaide Hills
Ariadne Adelaide Hills Tempranillo 2015

Region:Adelaide Hills, SA
Instead of my copy I quote James Halliday from The Australian, 5th November, 2016, in which he writes about Tempranillo.
'We call them 'alternative' varieties and one stands tallest: tempranillo, with more than 740ha planted. Spain is its kingdom, with 200,000ha in the last census (2008). It is grown across the country under a host of regional names and in climates warm and cool. Given it is an early ripening variety, the cooler, higher regions of Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa should come as no surprise……Nor should its geographical spread across Australia.
My tasting notes made over the past two years come from regions as warm as the Hunter Valley and Swan Valley, to the cool of the Yarra Valley, Frankland River and the Southern Highlands of NSW. Whether grown in Europe or Australia, the accent is on fruit, cherry a foremost descriptor. What it often lacks is structure, notwithstanding its thick skins. In Spain, in particular Rioja, American oak has been used for prolonged maturation to fill the gap. Further north, the Bordeaux varieties have been blended for the same purpose.
I thank Mr Halliday, though whether he would like the Ariadne I cannot say but not to worry as I do.


Yelling About a Great Bargain
Crayford Barossa Valley Grenache 2013

Region: Barossa Valley
Grenache is one of the founding varieties of the Australian wine industry and while it was commonly used in dry red blends its release as a varietal only dates back to the 1990s. We are champions of this variety and you will find it slots readily into those expectations of Barossa, warm, full-flavoured ripeness. What makes the Barossa a world class wine regions is the complex flavours that build up in a range of varieties.
These varieties of course must thrive in a warm ripening climate and for example Grenache is only OK from a cooler climate, producing little more than light, confected flavours, and these are often green. Grenache then is a full throttle variety and can handle the odd heat wave and at a pinch can be left to hang and hang on the vine and the results are still profoundly interesting. Please note this is a very heavy bodied Grenache.


Big Value on Big Red Mix

Glug BIG RED Mix 13

The highlights are many but the Village Belle Mourvedre will thrill as will the Crayford Shiraz which is a blockbuster Barossa. However as we love our Grenache the best wine is likely the Hope Farm Grenache. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Fabulous New Barossa Gold
Restless Farm 'The Pig' Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

‘There’s gold in them thar hills’ did not come true for South Australia although they did work an alluvial river flat not far from the Barossa Valley town of Lyndoch which is known as the Barossa Goldfields.

The real gold has come of course with the recognition of the Barossa Valley as a unique, world class, wine region.

Finding another place just like the Barossa is unlikely as while vines will spring up in many new locations my perusal of the global geography shows the location is unique. Barossa Valley Shiraz is a world class drink and when well priced is a must buy.

The range of Restless Farm wines dates back to the 2008 vintage with the first being The Goat from Padthaway of 40 cases. The other animals down on this strange farm are the Goose, the Elephant, the Camel and the Bunny.

As expected The Pig is stout, round and soft and to bring you up to date two real Bershires called Crackle and Pop have been purchased and are growing quickly. Commence drinking now though this Restless Farm Shiraz will mature over many years.


Chocolate and a Hint of Wood
Oakley Adams Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Region: Coonawarra, SA

This new release is simply fabulous and now I am trapped as it needs a higher than 10/10 value for money rating. I give a lot of our wines high value for money ratings as when compared to what similar dollars spent in a conventional liquor store would buy the ratings are true.

This wine was purchased a few years ago and was then left in oak.

One of the oddities of wood ageing is that each barrel develops in its own way though most differences are small. These barrels, of which three were bottled, are a winemakers selection, as when blended they clicked together, the whole being better than the parts.

I think many of our customers will find the taste most appealing and it marries well with the traditional cooler climate Cabernet flavours you would expect. So please reflect on the oak and the four years of quiet slumber and how this has shifted the wine away from the exuberant aromas and flavours of youth. One case per order - thanks.


Last of Fabulous 2012s
Stonevale Red Barn Barossa Valley Grenache Mataro Shiraz 2012

Region: Barossa Valley
We are active buyers of Grenache and Mataro from the Barossa Valley as the flavours are rich and exciting yet our buying prices do not reflect the quality we find. For small makers they are not so easy to sell which is when we become attractive and are asked to quietly move the surplus.
Over the last five years we have offered a range of blends containing Grenache and Mataro and I believe they are among the greatest 'value for money' wines we have offered.
Recall our background as retailers means we have a shrewd idea of what these wines will fetch in the market. Even so they are overlooked even when bargains, such is the grip that Shiraz and Cabernet, hold over many of those who drink wine regularly.
Fortunately Glug buyers have a wider interest and again I urge you to look not at the price but the tremendous interest the Red Barn will add to your drinking.


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