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Monday Specials

Offering Interesting Country Wines
Of Great Value For Money Is
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Winemaking makes special wines not the site while good value can be found only when you do not chase dreams. Australia and Europe are special as are Burgundy and the Murray Basin.

Drinking Authentic Country Wines

Fruits of the Barossa
Salem Valley Estates Barossa Sauvignon Blanc 2015

Region: Barossa, SA
In any month we taste many samples though the number varies as it depends on whether we need more wines. Basically there is little point looking carefully if you do not need to buy. At times it is best to never know what you may have missed. Thus I can say we were not looking when a grower-maker who we often buy from urged us to try this wine. Sauvignon Blanc from the Adelaide Hills has won widespread acceptance while Eden Valley which adjoins finds it much harder. A guiding principle of ours is to buy good wines when we find them; regardless of whether they copy an accepted model. So this wine is too full flavoured to be mistaken for a cool, crisp New Zealand style. Instead it is what it is; an outstanding wine which becomes a bargain because it dares to be what the variety becomes in the Eden Valley. I give it 10/10 on my value for money scale and please do not fuss about whether it resembles this or that.


Brilliance and Power
Village Belle Barossa Valley Mourvedre 2014

Region: Barossa Valley
The wine maker Benjamin Parker invented the Village Belle series of wine to focus on new and non-traditional varieties and alternative ways to present our old Barossa, heritage, vine stock.
The wines have the structure to keep and likely would surprise on the upside if cellared but they were created to emphasise aroma and freshness with the view that youthful tastes offer a pleasurable alternative.
With this Mourvedre the fruit is upfront and soft, has the same striking deep colour of the variety, but shows a plumpness that is not held in check with tough tannins.
Using a term like luncheon red tends to pigeon hole a wine but helps in understanding the direction taken. I strongly endorse the result and fulfils the thoughts we had when we began Glug which was to present interesting wines to a small group of consumers searching for an alternative wine merchant.


Triumph of Adelaide Hills
Ariadne Adelaide Hills Tempranillo 2015

Region:Adelaide Hills, SA
Instead of my copy I quote James Halliday from The Australian, 5th November, 2016, in which he writes about Tempranillo.
'We call them 'alternative' varieties and one stands tallest: tempranillo, with more than 740ha planted. Spain is its kingdom, with 200,000ha in the last census (2008). It is grown across the country under a host of regional names and in climates warm and cool. Given it is an early ripening variety, the cooler, higher regions of Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa should come as no surprise……Nor should its geographical spread across Australia.
My tasting notes made over the past two years come from regions as warm as the Hunter Valley and Swan Valley, to the cool of the Yarra Valley, Frankland River and the Southern Highlands of NSW. Whether grown in Europe or Australia, the accent is on fruit, cherry a foremost descriptor. What it often lacks is structure, notwithstanding its thick skins. In Spain, in particular Rioja, American oak has been used for prolonged maturation to fill the gap. Further north, the Bordeaux varieties have been blended for the same purpose.
I thank Mr Halliday, though whether he would like the Ariadne I cannot say but not to worry as I do.


Wow Where Did This Come From
Edward Gleeson Wine Estates 'Donnybrook' Clare Valley Shiraz 2012

Region: Clare Valley, SA
We found several parcels of Clare Shiraz we liked back in 2015.
Each wine had interesting differences and one became Squatters Three which is listed at $11.99 and the other is this Donnybrook.
The first Donnybrook Shiraz was a 2008 followed by 2009 then a gap to this 2012.
I have had a fondness for Clare reds which goes back to the wonderful Leasingham Bin 49 Cabernets, Bin 56 Cabernets Merlots and Bin 61 Shiraz of decades ago.
The vines still exist and the wine-makers are better than ever so its time we expanded our Clare range.
The winemaker has asked me to remind customers that a Clare expression of Shiraz is different to the Barossa so revel in the differences.
So please do not approach this red or any other assuming it will be just like our staple Barossa Shiraz - it's big but in a different way.


Big Red Mix No.14 from South Australia

Glug BIG RED Mix 14

A few alterations to No 13 means a change to No 14 though the highlight is still the Village Belle Mourvedre though in second place comes the Hope Farm McLaren Vale Grenache. Honourable mentions go to the Trennert McLaren Vale Shiraz and the rather stout Ploughman. The joy of buying a mixed dozen is keeping up with what we do and concentrating on what is in each bottle plus the price is attractive.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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