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A Big Mistake Creates All-time Best
Barossa Red Bargain

We are all better than average which gives us over confidence when selecting wines.
I argue the case that you need a wine merchant to help.

Nailing the Best of the Barossa
PPB 31 Premium Private Bin Three Hares Barossa Valley Shiraz Grenache 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
The two great heritage varieties of the Barossa Valley form the backbone of this winemakers experiment. Benjamin is also a crack-shot and the favourite target is the local population of hares which are healthy and large-hence his nickname for the wine. Made in tiny amounts hence the use of a provisional label which keeps costs down.

The blend of these three varieties, likely a modern day re-introduction, took hold in the 1980s as the move gathered to return to artisanal wine making. It works because the three varieties prosper in a warm climate and depending on the vintage one or other shines just a little more. In our experience Grenache is the hardest to get right and at its best provides the wonderful fragrance which is unusual for a warm climate red.


Lengthened and Firmed with Mataro
PPB 41 Premium Private Bin Three Hares Barossa Valley Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2016

Region: Barossa Valley
The three great heritage varieties of the Barossa Valley are blended in this winemakers trial; how best to arrange the three is an ongoing test of skill and palate.

I prefer the PPB 41 over others for the strength of the Mataro which firms up the finish. Similar blends will have been made since the first reds were produced as the early vineyards were only partly separated into varieties and in any case when the harvest began they would all have been picked all at once and fermented them together. The benefits of modern day winemaking were a century away.


Great Vintage Great Prospects
Langdorf Barossa Valley Shiraz 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Every ripening cycle of the grapes is different. This leads to vintage charts as they provide numbers to measure what nature has given the fruit. In cold climates a good rule of thumb is that a warmer season makes more interesting wines than a season when it is harder to ripen the grapes.

In a warm to hot climate like the Barossa Valley getting a ripe crop is not the problem yet striking seasonal differences occur between wines even when we see one summer much like another. These differences though are not so pronounced that you would prefer one over another, rather they are complex differences which are apparent when comparing wines.

Thus I like 2013, 2014 and 2015 and do not favour one over the other though I like the additional ripening time evident in our 2015s. The same vineyards give different results so if you are collecting the Langdorfs keep the sequence going as they strike me as getting richer the younger the vintage; at least in this part of the weather cycle.

At this stage the 2015 is a warm rich wine though cellaring will bring benefits suggesting others from our range are better at this moment.


Rich Ripe and Full of Body
Langdorf Barossa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
I despair at how wine commentators want to create pigeon holes for varieties and wine styles and then rate some up and others down.
With Cabernet the swing for the last 30 years has been to place Cabernet in a maritime or cool climate box and proclaim these wines taste the best while some go further to suggest warmer styles are fat and broad.
I like the warmer styles just as much and find the full, ripe, warm flavours of Barossa Cabernet most appealing so much so that we have increased our make of this variety.
The best way to understand wines is to see the tastes of all varieties as a continuum from vines grown in a very hot climate to a very cold climate.
Cabernet dates back to the 1880s in the Barossa Valley and were perhaps bottled as such in the 1940s and did appear in the 1950s though have never gained the popularity they deserve.
This Langdorf is an outstanding example from the wine making team of Parker and Liebelt.


Langdorf Barossa Valley Grenache 2013

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Langdorf is the 'Seventh of Ten' of our 10th Anniversary Celebration new releases. I'm very excited by this wine as working with Grenache was one of the aims of Glug back in 2004.

Our sources of supply and our knowledge and feel for this variety now means we rank with the best makers of this variety. We have been fortunate that a hard core group of adventurous customers have drifted to Glug, and appreciate discoveries like this Langdorf.

Grenache found fame in Europe long ago and why it has been slow to gain momentum in Australia is a mystery. Grenache is ideally suited to our warm climate while fortunately the move from fortifieds over the period 1950s to 1980s left us with a rich heritage of under-appreciated old vines.

At last consumers are shifting as they in turn look to broaden their range of drinking experiences.


Perfection with Rare Variety
Village Belle Barossa Valley Cinsault 2017

Region: Barossa Valley

We use the term ‘new varietals’ for recent plantings of unfamiliar varieties which have only recently been planted in Australia though in the country of origin may have been cultivated for +1000 years. Cinsault though is an example of a variety which has been growing in Australia for likely over a century and has simply been overlooked in the rush to market Shiraz and Cabernet.

As the wine business in Australia matures this allows the more adventurous wine-makers to make small quantities of these lesser known varieties, both to discover what they taste like but also offer them to a wider though generally a specialised group of customers.

The Village Belle series of wines is where Benjamin offers up the best of these wonderous and quite delicious wines. Being a Barossan this is a ripe warm red but the texture is different to a Shiraz in being flamboyant and chewy not fat and meaty.

The aroma is also fragrant and perfumed. The alcohol is the same as other Barossa reds but the wine appears softer on the palate. A welcome surprise.


SA Reds Selections

Glug South Australian All Red Selection Series 2

Before late 2015 many of the experiments and special parcels made by the wine makers were blended away. Steadily through 2016 even tiny amounts were bottled and this process accelerated when we began our own in-house bottling from September, 2016. It is wines such as these which make up the South Australian Selections Series No 1. The winemakers place a great deal of effort into making what I call, kitchen reds, and this mix shows the results.

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-

Big Savings on Big Red Mix

Glug BIG RED Mix 18

Contains 1 bottle each of the following wines:-


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