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New Goat Square

New Goat Square Grenache

Out Today

Goat Square The Wine We Call Salt of the Earth

First the 2008 the 2016 Is Our Best Ever
Goat Square Barossa Valley Grenache 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
This is the fourth Grenache release the first being the 2008. The Grenache is released every year as the market is much smaller for Shiraz. The grapes though go into other wines, one of the reason our cheaper blends are such excellent value.

Grenache, Mataro and Shiraz are the heritage varieties of the Barossa, and Grenache was widely grown as it vine can be induced to crop heavily and with high sugar content was perfect for making port.

As the fortified market faded old vines were grubbed out because of lack of demand and more importantly the skills to make a thick concentrated red had not evolved and growers were still cropping to highly for table wines.

This changed in the 1980s though really its only since the new century that I have felt comfortable recommending Barossa Valley Grenache. Its appeal will steadily grow and 90% of wineries would now make a version though some settled for the varietal blend know as GMS. Glug stock many pure Grenache wines and blends. I have confidence that this 100% varietal will gather wide support. Great wine and well done Benjamin.


Eleventh Vintage of Salt of the Earth
Goat Square Barossa Valley Shiraz 2016

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Goat is a pure expression of Barossa Shiraz with a light dose of mature oak as it does not see new oak. Benjamin does not want the rich, ripeness and complex flavours developed from the fruit being clouded or masked with new oak. The wine does though have a lot of extract so stands easily on its own. The first vintage was the 2008 and with the Karrawirra is a staple of Glug.

Goat Square is an historic masterpiece as it was the old centre of Tanunda, Barossa Valley, and survives with three original cottages on the corners of the square with the oldest, the Rieschieck house built in 1850. This style of wine is what we wanted to do when coming to the Barossa which is let each vintage express itself and to do this we use simple wine making methods.

These can be summed up as pick, ferment in small open fermenters, settle and age for two years in old, oak puncheons. Benjamin does not over-use pump-overs which can extract unwanted hard flavours, there is no pre or post soaking and no new oak. Most vintages in the Barossa deliver all the flavour needed as in this 2016.


Richard's Tuross Special Selection No.5
Goat Square Barossa Valley Mataro 2014

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

The winemaker has mentioned how this Mataro has been developing over the few years and I also have followed its progress and as excitement built it was recently rated good enough for the Goat Square range. The last was the 2010 and nothing since had made the grade.

If you like Barossa Shiraz you will like this wine. When we make our Barossa reds we let the climate create the flavour and the warmth of the vintage is by far the main component of the flavour.

Only after a few glasses will you see the variety unfold and with Mataro you will detect a complex, roasted meat like character on the back palate.

I think at this stage it gets better again and it slowly evolves and moves away from Shiraz, not far, but enough for an experienced drinker to become excited by the difference. Yes we are pretty proud of this wine and will last for ages in a good cellar.


More Age Passes My Case Test
Goat Square Reserve "Ziegenmarkt" Barossa Valley Shiraz 2014

Region: Barossa Valley, SA
Developments are slow moving in the wine business as the single vintage a year and the need to build up stock from the first ideas takes a number of years. Last year we were able to introduce the first 'Ziegenmarkt' from thoughts that go back to 2010. The second vintage is now ready for your cellar. This is how I see the wine.

Knowing the source of the grapes, the weather at harvest and how the grapes ferment tells you quite quickly which batches are destined to make the best wines. Indeed up the road our large neighbour Seppeltsfield has hundreds of ferments underway at vintage and the senior winemakers tell me they know after 5 days which batches will fetch the most money - as their business is selling the young ferments to others.

Many years back the winemaker Benjamin Parker noted something similar with our intake and this developed into isolating batches for a future premium Shiraz.

He called it the Ziegenmarkt, after the old market place at Goat Square, where the farmers gathered to exchange goods back in them good old days. We produced 129 dozen which preserves the difference.


Great Wine and Worth the Trouble it Caused
Goat Square Barossa Valley Grenache 2015

Region: Barossa Valley, SA

From the moment the grapes arrive this wine was different to all the other batches. As soon as it fermented the colour and aroma began showing intrguiging differences so it was isolated and kept for special attention. If you have wondered about extending your drinking range then this is the wine to buy.

It's Barossa first then Grenache and shows outstanding perfumed fruitiness and I just have the feeling those who have advanced palates are likely to find this more interesting than Shiraz.

McLaren Vale winemakers are working hard on defining Grenache from that region and are making outstanding wines and I think it would be good for consumer interst to match the best of McLaren Vale against the best of the Barossa. If so then this would be our entrant.

Since we began Glug we have been big supporters of the heritage varieties like Grenache and I see far better value in a wine like the Goat than comparable wines from the Rhone Valley that are often $60 to $100 a bottle.

There is no reason at all for such a price discrepancy and just shows how diligent searching will locate value.


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