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'The Jackman' Bin 5640 South Australia Dry Red Blend N.V.
Knockout Value SA Kitchen Red
'The Jackman' Bin 5640 South Australia Dry Red Blend N.V.

Region: South Australia
Winemakers like Benjamin Parker love making wines as that is what they do. This is the second Dry Red made from an interesting purchase of six months ago.

In large wineries with tens of tanks and leading from them are multiple hoses and pipes connecting with other tanks and barrels and things can go wrong. Two wines were blended which should not have been as they were different vintages.

We did not ask many questions but just focussed on the opportunity as though next we added additions back at the Glug winery. The wine is not only a blend of vintages but became a blend of varieties though Cabernet shines through.

It is though 100% from South Australia and mostly premium, high quality regions. Wines like this are too hard to sell in the conventional world but are ideal for the smart Glug customer.

Price: $4.66

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