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With over 80 wines for tasting from all over South Australia at discounted prices, our March Wine Tasting & Sales Event was a great success. Winemaker Benjamin Parker was on hand to talk and taste great wines directly with our customers throughout the event.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019
What Glug customers purchased over the three-day, March Tasting Event directs us to the value for money wines. With this March Tasting 2019 Wine Taster's Choice the tradition continues by offering the top 12 popular picks based on purchases. .. more...
Saturday, 16th March 2019
The reason for Trials is to bring consumers the best value wines. The two on special this weekend explore what is possible from the bargain country of Langhorne Creek, while the other searches for ways to show the beauty of an antique Barossa variety, the long forgotten Bonvedro, originally from Portugual. .. more...
Friday, 15th March 2019
It is appropriate for winemakers to experiment and these may make little steps or giant leaps. I doubt there is a winery in Australia where one or other trials or experiment is not underway - it's just the nature of progressing thoughts. .. more...

Region: Barossa Valley
We likely will never know what varieties were planted back in the pioneering days of the 1840s though likely a wide mix of varieties of which one should have been Grenache as it thrives in warm regions. Those first reds would have been field blends of many varieties and the division of vineyards into varietal types  more detail...
Region: Barossa Valley
Glug is a supporter of Semillon from the Barossa Valley as we find an appeal in whites ripened in a warm climate. Semillon is a complex variety and changes its character with the climate of the vineyard. This means wonderful examples come from the Lower and Upper Hunter a climate which can verge on sub-tropical and  more detail...
Region: Barossa Valley
At Glug we barrel age small amounts of precious Barossa Shiraz which we make and buy from local artisans. This Stockwell Creek is part of a few barrels we purchased from a grower-maker.

After prolonged ageing in barrel it passed the quality test and was up-graded to Stockwell Creek Reserve. We are  more detail...
'We welcome any customer but you will enjoy the best of Glug if you like to see what nature brings. We make small batch lots, hence no two wines will be the same, as we are happiest when preserving the differences of wines. What we do best is buying at the farm gate and challenging our customers just a little with the many small variations we discover and create in our winemaking.'
First Was 2008 Now The Ninth
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
The Goat is a pure expression of Barossa Shiraz with a light dose of mature oak as it does not see new oak. Benjamin does not want the rich, ripeness and complex flavours developed from the fruit being clouded or masked with new oak. The wine does though have a lot of extract so stands easily on its own. The  more detail...
New Release Shiraz
Region: Langhorne Creek, SA
The brand P.B. Burgoyne we use for wines we purchase from premium regions across South Australia. They are named after the real wine merchant Peter Bond Burgoyne who strode like a colossus across the Australian wine landscape around 1900. The wines are better today and the selection far wider but his style of  more detail...
Perfecting The Late Afternoon Red
Region: McLaren Vale, SA
Experiments began over 10 years ago, back in 2009, to develop a sappy, tasty red to open after a luncheon white.

A red which has flavour but low to very low extract, resembling say a Yarra Valley Pinot, yet sourced from South Australia with a different mouthfeel to a big Barossa Shiraz.

Benjamin  more detail...

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