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The winemaker uses the equipment available to ferment the grapes to make the wine. Winemakers have a big influence on what you drink and we wish to be well removed from big company wines. Down at the Glug winery on Samuel Road, Barossa Valley; Benjamin Parker and Greg Liebelt do all the labour to produce our vast range.

Wednesday, 19th July 2017
Just because something is rare does not mean it should never go on special. At all times we are retailers first so nothing can be sacred. These two rare Barossa varieties are yours for two days at generous prices. .. more...
Tuesday, 18th July 2017
From the wine maker Benjamin Parker: 'The Grandma Raethel wines will always have a special meaning as they represent the start of my winemaking career. Let me explain. I arrived in the Barossa Valley in 2004 in time for my first vintage at the Veritas-Rolf Binder Winery, the junior apprentice starting as a cellar hand, to progress to the role of winemaker for Glug.' .. more...
Monday, 17th July 2017
You will go a long way back to find the Crayford at this price and my simple advice remains, always buy great Barossa Shiraz when offered at a bargain price. The Woolworths group (includes Dan Murphy) may have 50% of the liquor market but they do not have a special like this Crayford. .. more...

Fabulous New Barossa Gold
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia

‘There’s gold in then thar hills’ did not come true for South Australia although they did work an alluvial river flat not far from the Barossa Valley town of Lyndoch which is known as the Barossa Goldfields.

The real gold has come of course with the recognition of the Barossa  more detail...
Knockout Value SA Kitchen Red
Region: South Australia
Winemakers like Benjamin Parker love making wines as that is what they do. This is the second Dry Red made from an interesting purchase of six months ago.

In large wineries with tens of tanks and leading from them are multiple hoses and pipes connecting with other tanks and barrels and things can go wrong.  more detail...
Captures Glory Of This Fine Vintage
Region: Barossa Valley
Just as great wines show there best as they mature so the best winemakers cannot peak till they develop maturity. Winemaking is a craft where a long apprenticeship is needed though to reach a higher level requires a vision of what it is they wish to make.
In my view this vision is best found by understanding the  more detail...
'We welcome any customer but you will enjoy the best of Glug if you like to see what nature brings. We make small batch lots, hence no two wines will be the same, as we are happiest when preserving the differences of wines. What we do best is buying at the farm gate and challenging our customers just a little with the many small variations we discover and create in our winemaking.'
Barossa Salt of The Earth
Region: Barossa Valley, SA
‘Does any other wine delight like Barossa Shiraz with its sweet, deep middle core.’
The Goat is one of our special wines. The Barossa Valley is a small, rare, unique piece of the earth’s crust and only from this spot do you get red wines which display such a powerful and unusual  more detail...
The Real Deal Well Priced
Region: Barossa Valley, South Australia
The winemaker Benjamin Parker has done a brilliant job with this Barossa Shiraz. That we can drink such riches for such a modest sum shows how blessed we are as wine consumers. For good reason Barossa Shiraz is the most important wine made in Australia. Shiraz of course thrives in the Australian  more detail...
Excellent Adelaidean Red
Region: South Australia
The fruits of the winemaker Benjamin Parker appear with this excellent red, the result of the Adelaidean project, which is on-going.

Imagine a field blend but instead of a mix from a single farmers vineyards it is instead a mix from numerous farmers vineyards that can be hundreds of kilometres apart. This  more detail...

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